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Writing is no easy task. And for an author who wants to publish, it’s barely half the battle. Once the writing is done, creating the book begins. That’s where Lulu comes in. While the Lulu platform is accessible and user-friendly, undoubtedly, questions and the technical issue will arise. And that’s why Lulu’s Customer Support Team is here to help you overcome any obstacles you encounter.

To ensure a quick and efficient response, follow the instructions below when submitting your support request. These tips will help our support team better understand your problem and remove those obstacles preventing you from completing your project.

To start, click on the Support link at the top of the page. Then choose the correct support category. Helpful articles are listed below each category that may answer your question. If not, click the I Still Need Help button to open a support request form. 

Lulu Support Pages

1) Project title, Content ID, ISBN, Order # –

These are the most important bits of information to include when creating a support case. You will also notice three lines that aren’t required but are helpful: Item ID; Item Name; ISBN. Including this information allows us to more quickly and accurately provide a solution. Remember, the more information you include in your original request, the fewer follow-up questions we will need to ask and the faster we can resolve your problem.

Lulu Support online Contact Form

The Content ID, ISBN, and Title information display on the My Projects page:

Finding the important info for your Lulu Support Case

If your question involves an order that you are waiting to receive or one you have received, but have questions about, it is very important you include the order number in your support request.

Include Your Order Number so we can assist you

The order number is listed on the order confirmation email we send, on the packing slip inside the package, and from within your account (My Orders)

Finding your Order Number from an email receipt

2) Include all important information in your request

Describe the Problem as clearly as possible. A simple description such as “My EPUB won’t convert” or “My order didn’t go through” is often sufficient.

If you are having a specific issue, try to give as much detail as possible such as the step on which you encountered the problem or the error message you received. Screenshots are also very helpful to include.

3) Lulu Support Team responses

Emails send to you and come back to us through a single email address ( Since this is a generic email account used by our entire support team, responses may find their way to your spam or junk folder. If you haven’t seen a response to your query, it’s possible our response is in one of those folders!

IMPORTANT: When you respond to an email from our support team, DO NOT change the subject line. The subject will look like this, but with a different case number:

[ ref:_00D406zP6._50070flt3l:ref ] Case 01234567 

The information in the subject line ensures your response connects with your original support request and gets to the correct Lulu Support team member. If you add or change anything in the subject line, we may not receive or respond to your email in a timely fashion!

4) Where to find the answers – Knowledge Base and Author Forums

Lulu is a self-publishing company. We want our authors to grow and thrive. As such, we provide several support options.

  • Self Help: In our Knowledge Base you can find the answers to many of the “how do I…?” questions that come along with self-publishing, like formatting a Word file for EPUB conversion or How to Revise a Completed Project
  • Support Team Live Chat: We provide support for technical issues M-F from 9-4 Eastern US Time. You’ll see the chat window appear while in the shopping cart or when creating/revising a project.
  • Support Team Phone: Available Monday-Friday from 8-5 Eastern US Time, our phone lines are open for order related questions, to check on shipping/tracking, or to place an order.

Believe me, if you can dedicate hours, weeks, and months of your life to telling your story, you can get through the steps of our creation process and make your book a reality. And, when you hit roadblocks, the Lulu Support is here to help.

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