Press Release: Lulu Names Martijn Eier Head of International Business Development

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RALEIGH, NC – April 11, 2016 – Lulu, the first and largest independent publisher in the world, today announced that Martijn Eier has joined the Lulu team as Head of International Business Development. Charged with optimizing Lulu’s print-on-demand technology and distribution network, Eier is keenly focused on region-specific enhancements to better serve the needs of the global publishing community.

The identification of dedicated leadership in the European market underscores Lulu’s continued commitment to address customer needs through a robust international growth strategy.
“Martijn’s 20-plus years of experience working in the technology and print-on-demand sectors provides new opportunities for Lulu to pursue ‘smart’ expansion of our print and publishing network,” said Nigel Lee, CEO of Lulu Press. “His multicultural work experience will be of great benefit as we work to tailor the Lulu self-publishing experience to meet culturally specific needs of writers around the world. Lulu is committed to providing proven and advanced alternatives for all authors to share their expertise and experiences with their local communities and readers around the world.”

Pairing Lulu’s 14-year history of challenging the publishing status quo with Eier’s experience in the print and publishing industries positions both Lulu and the international markets for rapid growth and expansion of publishing options.

“In Europe, we are experiencing an ever increasing demand for online, independent publishing. With 35% of our overall business coming from markets outside of North America, we recognize the need to continue breaking down the barriers erected by an industry monopolized by traditional publishers such as Hachette. It is time all European authors have an opportunity to contribute to the region’s rich heritage of literary and scholarly writing,” said Lee.

Eier and Lee are attending the London Book Fair 12-14 April at Olympia London. To reach them at the show or to book a meeting, please visit Lulu’s UK Facebook and follow us on Twitter @LuludotcomUK.
For more information about Lulu and the international markets we currently support, please visit:

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Since 2002, Lulu has enabled authors in more than 225 countries and territories to self-publish over two million publications. Our industry-leading tools and global community help authors hone their craft and publish printed books and eBooks for free, then sell them around the world via multiple channels. At Lulu, authors are in control, owning the rights to their works, setting their own price and keeping up to 90 percent of their book profits.

2 thoughts on “Press Release: Lulu Names Martijn Eier Head of International Business Development”

  1. Dennis Gustaferri

    I wrote a short book that I would like to call:
    “A Guide To Internet Dating”. It’s only about 28 pages thus why I’d call it a guide. I’m thinking it would sell for around $5.99 on line (depending on cost of course). How do I go about ding this and protecting my writing, as in copywriting, etc.? what is your fee? Does it include any printing costs? Thank you for your time. Dennis

  2. Hi Dennis
    Lulu authors always retain the copyrights to their work. There are no fees for using Lulu. You can view resources and tutorials on our learn page:
    If you have additional questions about using Lulu, I recommend you post them in our forums. There are many self-published authors in this community who are happy to share their experience using Lulu.

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