HB2 and the Lulu Way

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Lulu stands for being remarkable. We strive every day to make the world a better place by allowing authors to tell their stories through the free flow of information for the benefit of humanity.

Through an inclusive, transparent platform that gives every author –the single parent, the politician, the poet, the entrepreneur, the priest, and the scientist – the opportunity to be heard equally without censorship or bias, we accomplish our goals. We do not make judgments on our authors’ works, nor discriminate based on their content.

Conflict in North Carolina

These values are at the foundation of our company, and HB2, which was passed in our home state of North Carolina on March 23, stands in direct conflict of the work we do every day to give our authors a voice, to enable their success, and to create a more empowered and tolerant society. As a business, we cannot support any legislative decisions that encourage, promote, or facilitate actions that clearly oppose and oppress our corporate values by marginalizing and degrading people and their stories.

Individual success is achieved by each of us being given equal opportunities that are fueled by empowerment, control, and self-discovery. We reject the actions taken by our elected officials and the timid attempt at back-pedaling we’ve seen this week from the Governor of North Carolina. Instead, we choose to continue celebrating the individuality and experiences that make our company, state, and country a rich, fruitful land where we learn by including those around us rather than alienating any group as an inferior people.

We are equality. We are love. We are embracing.

We are Lulu.

6 thoughts on “HB2 and the Lulu Way”

  1. Thank you, LuLu, for taking this stance. North Carolina is my home state, and I have always been delighted to publish my self-published works with you because you are based there.

  2. Anthony LaFond

    Thank you Lulu.com. I’ve published three paperbacks with you with the addition of one ebook. Your end product is fantastic and your company is one of a kind. Keep up the good work.

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  4. Jeffrey M. Borowski

    Beautiful words & sentiment.
    We are one people. We are All equal.
    There is no room for discrimination or any ways that are closed minded or judgmental in any way.
    We applaud your stance on Love.
    With Light, Love & Knowledge~
    Rock On~~~~~~~~~~~

  5. Ernest Aldridge

    Here in Northern Nevada our liberty is also under constant, overt attack. Stand your ground. Remember your Shakespeare!!

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