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Build your audience and sell more books with these tips from successful Lulu authors.

In our last article on marketing, we talked about knowing your book’s target audience. Now it’s time to go out and get them. We asked 4000 successful Lulu authors how they found the audience for their book.

Here’s what they said:

Marketing Series 2 Finding Your Audience

Most authors wrote for audiences they either consider themselves to be a part of or groups whose needs and shopping behaviors they have familiarity. This made the process of determining how to reach their audience easier because they had an idea which marketing channels would most effectively grow their reader base.

Is this true for you? For example, if your book is on health and fitness and you have identified your audience as other like-minded fitness enthusiasts, you may already know several websites these enthusiasts regularly visit to learn about fitness and to make purchases.

If you are writing for an audience you do not know that well, you are not alone! Nearly a third of authors conducted online research to discover what made their audience tick and how to find them. They identified pre-existing professional networks, organizations and online communities to reach readers who would be interested in their content.

What Should You Do?

Make a list of and, if possible, join professional networks, organizations, and large communities to promote your book. Remember, pitch the hook, not the book. Start out with your area of expertise, then mention you are an author.

Key Takeaway

Often, bestselling independent authors are a member of the group for which they are writing. If you are not, research ways to discover their interests and reach out by joining and participating in their communities.

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  1. hi there am writing a book called Louie gambit and i am now finished and am so ready to publish this but i need you to help me with it and what do i do so i have 3 jobs i have my own place where i live in uk my hobbies cinema bowling going out meals out with this book i have writing this over 4 years

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