Lulu Office Update: The Big Move

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The best-laid plans of mice and Lulus…

On Thursday, October 20th, we (mostly) vacated our office building near North Carolina State University; however,  our return to the Research Triangle Park hit a few snags.  As a result, our customer support team has been roughing it in an office without HVAC diligently answering the phones while the rest of us have been working from home.

However, we will all be back together soon.  Our internet provider will be reconnecting us to the world Monday, October 31st. As we transition into the new office, US phone support will be unavailable Oct 31 – Nov 4.


During this time:

  • The website will be up and running.
  • Email support cases will be answered by the customer support team.
  • Chat support will be made available during business hours in all English stores.
  • As always, the author forums are available 24/7 for peer-to-peer publishing support.

We are all looking forward to reassembling our teams. Here are a few pictures I took of the new office while I was there today.

Our new lobby. Come on in!
Our new lobby. Come on in!
Lots of unpacking remains to be done.
Lots of unpacking remains to be done.

35 thoughts on “Lulu Office Update: The Big Move”

  1. Your new location looks very nice! I hope you get your HVAC system up and running OK and I wash you all the best.

  2. Barbara Jackson

    I am sorry to hear about the issues that your company is going through. I was very pleased when I got my email stating my book was published from then after i have had trouble trying to get into my account to order m books which i dedicated to the death of my sister. I so pray that someone reach out to me. i called your USA number and no one will answer or allowed to leave a message to return a call. pl

  3. Hello Barbara – your username is your email address. If that does not work, our chat team will be online after their daily team meeting. Our phone lines will be down until at least Wednesday.

  4. I need IMMEDIATE assistance on a large order for our church. unable to get through on line on the phone and this is not working for us.
    We need this order ASAP I have tried since the 21 of October. My phone number is 541-900-9282

  5. We need immediate assistance with a large order. We have been unsuccessful in reaching any one to get these for our church. Please call me at 542-900-9282 ASAP. This is not working for us and we have an event we need these for

  6. @Johanna Joyner
    I’m happy to have a look for you. Do you have an order number or the email address that was used to place the order? I looked at the account associated with the address starting “jkm,” but there has not been an order placed in that account since 2010.
    UPDATE: I have asked someone from our support team to give you a call. We need additional information from you to track the order.

  7. Haitham Zubbaidi

    Hi, I need your help fixing a problem related to a shipment I made few days ago. There was a mistake in the address and the shipment of 45 copies of my book returned to your end. Please redirect the shipment to the updated address and I pay again for the extra shipment fees> Below are the order details:
    Order #12087481
    In This Shipment:
    45 of Mohammad Hussein Al-Yaseen: Poetry on Poetry by Haitham Kamil al-Zubbaidi (Printed)
    Shipping Method: Expedited
    Tracking #: 784450357005
    I appreciate it if you reply soon.

  8. @Haitham
    Your package will be returned to the Lulu offices. When we receive it, we will reship to the new address and email you with details and the new tracking information.
    To ensure we have the correct address, please submit a support ticket that includes your order number and new address.

  9. I am trying to print my book. Lulu has generated an ISBN despite my not asking for that. I am in NZ and have an NZ ISBN which is included on the back cover image I have had made. But when I place the back cover image, the Lulu ISBN is also there. I want to get rid of the Lulu ISBN. Please help me quickly, as i have marketing and distribution deadlines.
    Kind regards,

  10. @Bruce
    When you created your project and selected the “Sell Everywhere” option, there is a screen that allows you to enter your own ISBN. If you did that, the bar code is generated for your cover. If your barcode is already designed in your artwork, you will need to use the one-piece cover designer.

  11. Awesome Amazing office space and one wild ride on that skateboard tour BTW Congrats on your new digs​ I visited earlier last month, and can’t wait to see your new, FABulous office! Rock-on

  12. Donald Ray Anderson

    No wonder I have experienced such poor service lately. Perhaps you will do a better job of contacting and servicing your customers from now on.

  13. august dodorico

    I wanted 10 not 1 of the books I ordered. can some one change my order? I can be reached at 314-605-1700

  14. I faxed a purchase order on 07/21/16 for My Awesome Book, I know it was on back order until September. I have emailed and called with no response. Do you have the item in stock now? Thank you

  15. @August Dodorico
    The quickest way to reach our support team is through chat support. However, it may be easier for you to place another order for the remaining 9 books.

  16. @Carol Dadisman
    I passed your comment along to our Lulu Jr. team. They should be in contact with you shortly.

  17. Barbara Jackson

    Good Morning, I have waited for a few days as was informed that someone would be getting in contact with me. Unfortunately, no one has emailed me, returned a call, busy sound and no response on my questioned at hand. I will not talk ugly about a company I just stared with in July; however I do hope that the problems will be resolved soon, or word given for future purpose on what to do. thank yo kindly for future support, I await your response om my problem at hand.

  18. Good Morning Barbara
    Did you see my response above? I have asked someone from our support team to expedite your request. We will need to confirm your email address before we can reset you password for you.

  19. Hi! My name is Shonjrell Ladner, Ms. Tennessee America 2016 and author of ” Reap What You Sew Garden.” You all have really changed my life and the people in my community, who I’m trying to help through my books. Half of my proceeds will go to causes funding the prevention of babies being born addicted to drugs! So, I need help really urgently. I have an amazing sponsor, who wants to pay the cost of having my book converted to a really nice hard back cover, (but still able to be sold) and promotions! They want to then have me autograph and they want to purchase enough books for every preschool in Knoxville, TN! Can you please contact me with the quote and cost to make this happen? They want to do this as Christmas gifts for the children. Thanks so much!!

  20. I just published the second time with Lulu. I ran into a problem after placing a 60 book order. I did not notice the cover title bleed off until one hour after the order was placed. I was in a hurry to order before your 40% off coupon expires Tomoro. I emailed support and they have asked the printer to halt production. Hooman on ur team said to cross my fingers they will refund me and let me place a new order with my revised cover.
    Can you help ensure this is the way my error is handled, please?
    Kathy Bryant-Williams

  21. Hi Kathy – you are in good hands with Hooman. He will update you as soon as he hears back from the printer.

  22. I want to know the status of my order of 100 books. This is the order#: 12110502
    I did not get a tracking number.

  23. Hello Robert – orders must be printed before they are shipped. Printing takes from 3-5 days. When the order ships we will email you the tracking information. Since this order was placed on Nov 1st, it is still being printed. You can check the status of your orders by logging into your Lulu account and clicking the My Account & Orders link on the My Projects page.

  24. @Dr Michael Midgley – Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. So the Support Team was huddled around space heaters last week answering the phones. This week everyone is in the new office and we are waiting for the phone system to be connected – which should happen today.

  25. Good Monday morning,
    I completed submission process for a new print book. And I need to revise my initial book order quantity for proof copy ASAP before it goes into printing. I ordered too many because of misunderstanding about this process. Please give me a call to my office number,
    571-256-2048 ASAP.
    Thank you very much.
    Doug Cho

  26. Rebecca Wolford

    November 7, 2016
    Good Morning,
    Moving always puts a spot light on how much work you do in a day. I too have called and the phone says you are no longer accepting calls from my account? I have a simple accounting question on a book sale in that the amount appears to be a – (Lulu sale) and not a + for Nov. ? So, naturally I am a bit confused and concerned as to the nature of this and what action needs to be taken to correct or understand the action. Also the support on the computer just kicks me out, it absolutely will not accept anything from my computer. My book is a e book. One more thing since this is a tiny edition I would like to eliminate the preview completely. I do not see a place in my projects to do this. Totally understand you are busy, thank you in advance for your response.
    Rebecca Wolford

  27. I contacted Lulu earlier by on-line form to try to correct the following order:
    Order Date: November 2, 2016
    Order Number: 12113310
    Order Total: $28.13
    It was supposed to be only for “Triangle Story,” not all three books that I’ve published. Little did I realize that Lulu was relocating from Hillsborough Street. Hope something can be done to correct this order. Thanks.

  28. @Rebecca – I had a look at your account and I, too am stumped. The only explanation I can think of is that perhaps there was a report of credit card fraud resulting in a refund. However, I do not have access to the accounting system to confirm this. You should be able to access our support link using any of the current internet browsers. If the problem persists, we have chat support scheduled for tomorrow.

  29. Hi Doug,
    Unfortunately, our phones are still down due to the move. Can you provide an order number? Or the book’s title? I should be able to help you get this sorted out through our email system.

  30. wow, good luck with the move! Looks great!
    I tried the support email, but you’re probably still ironing out the children’s diseases after the move. I want to upload a book in POLISH, would that be possible?

  31. @Petra
    Fingers crossed, that everything will be back to normal in few days now that we are all in the building.
    There is no problem with uploading and publishing a children’s book in Polish and offering it for sale in the Lulu bookstore.
    The problem will be with distribution. In order to offer your book for sale on retail sites other than Lulu, the title must be in Latin characters.

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