The Season of Discounts: Save on Stuff You Want

on-sale-nowThis time of year, you can’t close your eyes and throw a rock without hitting a discount. Everything is on sale;  you can buy one item at full price and get the other free, or save from an additional markdown taken at checkout, not to mention the ever popular year-end inventory closeout sales.
As we get closer to the holidays, bargain shopping becomes a sport.  Our favorite stores have less to choose from, but if you are super small, super tall, or super persistent you can get the best deals of the year as retailers make room for next year’s new things.
On the other hand, when you shop at Lulu, you never have to worry about the book or calendar you want being sold out. When you place your order, your books and calendars are printed just for you and shipped hot off the press. Yes, it takes a few days to print and ship your order, but when you buy from Lulu, an independent author profits rather than a corporate publisher or huge online retailer.
And chances are, there will also be a discount available so check your email before ordering.

Support the arts.
Make an author happy.


6 thoughts on “The Season of Discounts: Save on Stuff You Want”

  1. Hi Barbara
    All you have to do is create a Lulu account and we will make sure you receive all sale announcements.

  2. I have an account with Lulu, but haven’t received any notices of sales for a long time now. Did I unsubscribe in the past by accident?

  3. Hi Terry, you can check your mail settings by logging into your Lulu account and going to My Account > Preferences.

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