Last Minute Gifts: No Wrapping Required

last-minute Santa

Miss someone on your shopping list?

Did someone get promoted from naughty to nice?

Worried your order won’t arrive in time?

A little late finishing up your book or calendar?

We’ve got you covered. From now through December 26th you can order your books and calendars from Lulu, then print out the gift receipt to include with a holiday greeting card or to slip into someone’s stocking when they aren’t looking. While you are celebrating, we will print and ship your selections to the addresses you enter.

All you have to do is place your order, enter the shipping address during checkout and print your gift receipt. The receipt is personalized to include the title and cover of the book or calendar you ordered.


Gift receipts take up hardly any room in your luggage and there’s no wrapping required. So, don’t show up empty-handed. There’s still time to give a gift of knowledge from our huge library of independently published books or give a gift of time selected from 1000’s of original calendars.


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