2017 Lulu EGames at NC State University

Since 2014, Lulu has proudly sponsored North Carolina State University’s eGames competition. The event is part of the college’s Entrepreneurship Initiative and the 2017 Egames featured 192 entrants in six categories.

The eGames are one part of NC State University’s Entrepreneurship Initiative, a program of events, challenges, and fellowships designed to focus and encourage the big thinkers of tomorrow. The Initiative also hosts a blog with news and updates about their participants, the state of innovation, and other relevant news for entrepreneurs and students.

This years event featured the largest entrant pool to date, and pitted the teams in two rounds of competition, with a total prize pool over $100,000. The competition ran through the spring semester, and on Thursday, April 20th, the winners in each category were selected.

Lulu and NC State Shared Logos

The winners of the 2017 eGames for each category are:

  • New Venture: ViemetricsThe Viemetrics team developed a low-cost, portable spirometer that can potentially predict asthma attacks.
  • Design & Prototype: ViemetricsThe Viemetrics team developed a low-cost, portable spirometer that can potentially predict asthma attacks.
  • Social Impact: ViemetricsThe Viemetrics team developed a low-cost, portable spirometer that can potentially predict asthma attacks.
  • Arts Venture: AtaristiciansA venture aimed at combining video games with artificial intelligence research and statistical teaching.
  • Built on the Cloud: RipeNowA platform that connects restaurants with crowd-sourced produce from local farms.
  • Daugherty Endowment: Lumeova Developing an ultra-fast wireless communication product to speed up mobile connectivity speeds by 10X.
Pic from the NC State and Lulu eGames Presentations

Viemetrics steals the show

As you can see, Viemetrics and their innovative take on the Spirometer stole the show, but that didn’t put a damper on the other exciting ventures and designs all the finalist teams presented. These included the Rhythcor team, winner of the Crowd Favorite award, with their heart attack detection clothing (PulseAware), designed specifically for firefighters, but applicable to a wide range of at-risk groups. And Re-Cycle, designers of a cost-efficient and highly scalable bike-share system to ease congestion in dense urban areas.  Or Kast Clothing, a data-driven maker of jeans using measurement-capture technology to make affordable, custom-fitted clothing.

Team Lulu and the NC State Wolf Mascots

The wide range of ideas and initiatives presented by the entrants in the 2017 Egames showcases the role innovation plays in shaping the future. Lulu supports the growth and dissemination of forward-thinking ideas. And the eGames is a perfect way to encourage young designers and entrepreneurs. This is the way into the ever-growing knowledge economy. Lulu stands beside all the thinkers and storytellers on the cusp of shaping our future.

Lulu is honored to participate in this amazing event that recognizes future entrepreneurs and leaders in the community and business world. We thank the NC State Entrepreneurship Initiative for hosting such a superb event. Congratulations to the winners and all the entrants.

Kathy Hensgen, Lulu Chief Operating Officer

Another successful year of promoting and highlighting up and coming entrepreneurs, and Lulu continues to look to the future through these initiatives. We hope next year to see an even bigger crowd with even more innovative and exciting ideas!

Paul H, Content Marketing Manager
Paul H

Paul is the Content Marketing Manager at Lulu. When he's not entrenched in the publishing and print-on-demand world, he likes to hike the scenic North Carolina landscape, read, sample the fanciest micro-brewed beer, and collect fountain pens. Paul is a dog person but considers himself cat tolerant.

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