World Book Day – How do you get kids to read?


For #WorldBookDay #WorldBookDay20 here’s my 10 BUGGLEPUFF tips to inspire kids to read books…

  1. Buggleden – Make a book play den with the kids. Throw in their favorite toys, blankets. Take time to decorate it whether it’s under a table, behind a sofa, make glitter banners and create a multi-coloured Buggleden of silliness and eye candy colours. Kids love creating their own zone and with a book in your hand you are sure to have hours of #wordmagic time. 
  2. Bugglepairedreading – Instead of doing all the reading yourself for the kids get them to read a page with you. Maybe get them to act it out or encourage them to be a character with silly voices and plenty of laughter.
  3. Bugglepatience – Never be too strict when listening to a child read. Let them make mistakes, tumble over words because the longer you can get them to read the more every sentence will eventually come together. Bugglepatience is very important for a child to feel excited about turning a page!
  4. Bugglefood – Nothing beats a hot chocolate and book time together. If a child associates a treat with book reading it may help them to feel that bit more engaged and excited in books.
  5. Buggleinterest – Before choosing the book think about what your child is interested in. They may not want to read a traditional story or classic and find a history book, nature book more fun! Take them to the #library and let them choose their own book – you might be surprised what they want to read or what you learn from them:-)
  6. Bugglepets – Without a doubt my favourite if you have a pet encourage storytime next to the family pet. They enjoy listening and will happily cuddle up next to you will a child reads a book aloud. Watch out for parrots though as our Albert tends to eat more books around the Bugglepuff house than read them!!!!
  7.  Bugglepicnic – When the rains stop and the summer sunshine glitters the sky go on a picnic with the kids. Take books to read and you’ll all find it very rewarding sharing a tale or too while enjoying a food feast.
  8. Buggledressingup – Dressing up for storytime is hilarious fun – whether a brave knight, rascally pirate or sparkling fairy. Then open a book and share in the land of adventures. Before you know it, they will be reading.
  9. Buggleatsea – There is something very gloriously magical about the sea and I think it’s one of the happiest places to share storytime and put a child at ease. So, drive to the coast, grab an ice cream, throw sand between your toes and read over a wave or too!
  10. Bugglelight – Soft lighting, or by candlelight can be a wonderfully calming way to get a child to read or in the dark by torchlight to add a book world atmosphere where everything is focused on the story.

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