Nigel Lee, Lulu CEO: Passion, Partners, Publishing and Profits

Two years ago we cheered in* Nigel Lee as a new team member in our Raleigh office. We welcomed him as Head of International Business – now he’s Lulu’s CEO.
Nigel came to us with a background in international banking focusing on risk, finance, and regulatory issues. Since then, he’s learned quite a bit about the publishing industry as well as the passion that drives Lulu authors.
Last November we took a break from packing for our upcoming move to chat about his time with Lulu and the publishing industry in general.

Publishing really hasn’t changed much since Shakespeare’s time. At its essence publishing is still write, print and sell. Today, there are just a lot more people making a profit from an author’s effort resulting in the creator receiving a smaller and smaller piece of the pie.
That’s why we need Lulu.
Lulu rewards creators, not shareholders.
*If you are wondering what is meant by “cheer in,” this is how we welcomed new employees at our previous location. Nigel is the one in the jacket – loving it.

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  1. I’ve got at least a hundred, I haven’t counted but ready to Publish. All are Hand written with Pics and I’m a Computer Idiot so I need You Nigel ..I was recommended by Gumdroplu

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