Nigel Lee: Press Reset for Disruption

Lulu was developed and launched in 2002 from an office in Morrisville, NC.  A few years later, we relocated to a building that was formerly a tractor dealership near NC State University in Raleigh.
In 2016, we moved back to Morrisville where it all started in the Research Triangle Park. While packing for the move, we asked Nigel Lee, Lulu CEO about the new building and the significance of the change in location.

Lee believes the new location will give Lulu a new perspective on how we approach our core mission; enabling people around the world to tell their stories and share their knowledge.
He says, Lulu “set out in 2002 to disrupt the publishing industry and in doing so, we became a publisher.  After 10 years, you are going to have forgotten that you were meant to be disrupting, because you’ve become the thing you were disrupting.” With our move to the Research Triangle Park, Lulu is “pressing reset a little bit and we are now in restart-up mode. We need to be more innovative for our customers’ sake and for the sake of our new initiatives.”
The move may represent a return to our roots and innovation is underway, but we still miss the coffee shop across the street.

6 thoughts on “Nigel Lee: Press Reset for Disruption”

  1. Mallory Stokes

    I ordered my book at leawst two maybe three weeks ago and it has still not arrived. I am worried my money is gone and I am not getting a book.

  2. Mallory Stokes

    I ordered my book at least two maybe three weeks ago and it has still not arrived. I am worried my money is gone and I am not getting a book.

    1. Hello Mallory
      I logged into your account and do not see any orders placed from this email address. Do you have an order number I can use to track it down?

  3. I have published two books: Didn’t You used to be Mike Muir and Searching for America. I set the price for $20.00 and both books are priced for $61.58 on Amazon I would like to know how to set the prices for original $20.00.
    Thank You Mike Muri

    1. Hello Mike
      I found your book in the Amazon Marketplace. If you look closely, you will notice that the book is being offered for sale by reseller Red Rhino, not by Amazon. Resellers may offer your book for sale at any price they choose. In almost all cases, they do not every have books in stock. When a book is ordered through Red Rhino, they collect the money and order the book from Lulu to ship directly to the buyer. It seems shady, but some people make a living this way. You can contact the reseller directly and ask them to remove your book from their catalog. On the other hand, if a shopper saw your book listed for $61 or $20 – which option do you think they would choose?

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