Lulu Calendar Contest Winners!

Our Calendar contest wound down on Sunday night, and we gathered our group of judges to decide which calendars will make it into our Holiday Gift Guide!
With over 40 calendars to choose from, selecting 5 was no easy task. After much deliberation and consideration of our criteria and the awesome calendars submitted, we’ve selected our 5 winners!
Before we highlight those calendars, I want to take a moment to say that all the entries wowed us. From breathtaking landscapes to imaginative artwork to powerful photography, these entries were uniformly awesome. Having to select a winner is a challenge, so to all the calendar entries we did not select, I want to say thank you from everyone here at Lulu. You’ve shown us again how brilliant and creative you are, and inspired us to keep offering opportunities like this again – in fact, we’re running a flash fiction contest right now!

But enough of that. Let’s meet those winning calendars!
In no particular order, here are the 5 calendars we selected as our contest winners:

Seasons of Beauty

Seasons come and seasons go, but all in between our hearts grow. Seasons of Beauty, the time to cultivate inner beauty in your heart throughout the year. Women are known for their physical beauty, but there is so much more. The beauty of celebrating life, having compassion for loved ones and friends, the beauty of leaving your legacy on the world. Surround yourself with beauty this coming 2018 year and let your heart grow into a more beautiful you!!
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 East Coast and Great Lakes Lighthouses

There are over 800 lighthouses in the US, many dating back to the 19th century. Despite modern GPS navigation, many of these lighthouses remain in use as active aids to navigation. This calendar contains photographs of some of the historic lighthouses along the East Coast and along the shores of the Great Lakes.
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 The Golden Ratio Calendar

A band of four golden retrievers – Jasmine, Maggie, Hopper, and Venkman – bring you months of fluffy goodness. Each dog appears on her own in her birthday month, and the whole group graces the rest of the year with typical happy, goofy golden retriever style.
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 Catskill & Shawangunk Scenes

2018 Calendar featuring landscape images of the Catskills & Shawangunks by award-winning photographer Steve Aaron.
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Live More Fully

Be inspired every day with the 2018 calendar “Live More Fully.” Motivational messages over beaches, sunsets, wildflowers, and lush palm trees will encourage you to embrace each day of the year with peace, calm, and joy. As you record your appointments in the calendar, you will become more mindful and grateful in your daily life.
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Another big thank you to all our entrants! We look forward to hosting many more of these contests and continuing to offer our authors the opportunity to spotlight their awesome work! For anyone who missed out on this years Calendar Contest, we are still open for submissions to our Halloween Flash Fiction Contest! Check it our and Share your Scare!

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  1. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for submitting! We loved the calendar! The prizes are going out to the printer today, so look out for the order receipt in your email!

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