Spread Happiness: Create Your Own Coloring Book

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Coloring books have always been a simple, calming way to entertain children. Recently, a new kind of coloring book has found a place in the book world—adult coloring books. The simple act of selecting colors and turning a line drawing into a rich, colorful piece of art, has the ability to soothe our overwrought minds, to help us relax and disconnect from our busy lives.

Design it

Here at Lulu, we are keenly aware of the growing market for coloring books for all ages. Glenn detailed some of the reasons why coloring books are so popular in this post. Today we will show you how you can make the world a happier place by making your own coloring book on Lulu.com!

Start by creating a Lulu account then go to the Lulu Book Builder. We don’t offer a specific coloring book format, but I strongly recommend selecting the Premium Paperback option > Black & White printing  >  White paper. The paper weight for this option is heavy enough to prevent color bleed. It’s also uncoated, so you don’t have to worry about colors smudging or running.

Premium paperbacks come in a variety of sizes. For a coloring book, something larger like 8.5” x 11” is usually best, as you want to have a large, detailed image to color. Other sizes will work too—that’s the beauty of self-publishing; it’s up to you!

Premium paperbacks can be bound using any of our three methods (Perfect, Coil, or Saddle Stitch), but for any book that you’d like to sell in online bookstores, you’ll want to use Perfect binding. Coil and Saddle-Stitch work for coloring books meant for personal use or to be sold only in the Lulu.com bookstore.

Format the File

Now that you’ve selected the style and binding, you’re going to need to format your file to make a beautiful book. It’s important to be aware that, even with the thicker white paper, some of the colors may show through the page. Therefore, you may want to place only one image per sheet of paper rather than printing images back to back. Also, don’t forget the first page of the file will print on the right side of the book, as will all odd-numbered pages. Keep this in mind if you have any images that span two pages.

And lastly, to ensure none of your artwork is lost during trimming and binding, make sure your image is at least .25 inches from the edge of the page.

Let’s recap. The recommended specs for a coloring book are:

Premium Paperback, Perfect Bound, 8.5 x 11

Black & White ink on White Paper

By following the guidelines above and creating your own coloring books, you can help the world be a happier place.  Really!

11 thoughts on “Spread Happiness: Create Your Own Coloring Book”

    1. I want to create a coloring book with summetrical shapes.I already started building some of the pages.

  1. I already have a published book but it is out of print. It has a 4-color cover. Obviously, the cover will have to be black and white with you formatting. Is there an option? Thank you for your reply.

    1. Hi Kris,
      Our books always allow for full color on the cover, but if you want black and white, simply create the cover as such.

  2. Thanks for the information! I know about format for coloring book and size of image now! I want to create some coloring book.

  3. I interested in printing my own coloring book for my business. Is there a minimum page count? My coloring book is only 7 pages + cover.

  4. This is nice article. I just have a question about the paper type. I’ve already seen so many reviews about bleed when coloring on these self published coloring books (the majority being CreateSpace) and how the paper is not all that good quality i.e when someone is coloring with markers especially.
    To avoid that problem, a lot of people have their drawings only on one page and not back-to-back like normal coloring books.
    I’d like my coloring book to be back-to-back but I also don’t want want the pages to bleed so profoundly.
    So how can I know that the premium paper type is as thick as you say? I just want to make sure. Do you guys offer samples or something?
    (This is my first time ever deciding to self-publish, so I just want to be aware of my options)

    1. Hi Marzena,
      That’s a valid and important question. Sadly, we do not have a sample book we can offer.
      One other important thing to note is that Amazon (to the best of my knowledge) using 50# and 60# paper for most of their books. Many of the complaints about color bleeding through stems from that thinner paperweight. If you select our 80# paper, that should be much less of an issue.
      Best of luck with your project!

    2. Is #80 paper uncoated? I was informed by your support team via live chat that #80 paper is semi-gloss ( which is unsuitable at all for colouring book), so i was recommended to use #60 paper quality since it is matte. How is your #60 paper quality differs than createspace’s #60 paper quality?

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