Lulu’s picks for the Epicurean on your list!

Day two of Lulu’s holiday shopping lists! Do you know someone who LOVES good food and great beer? Do they get excited about doing their own thing? Why not inspire them with one of our awesome cookbooks! From chefs to home cooking or one of our many independent brewing guides from brewers across the USA, we’ve got the gifts for the foody on your list.
Check out the list of Epicurean delights with today’s list!


The Golden Ratio Cookbook

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Favorite recipes for humans – all great for beginners – pulled straight from the social media feed of everyone’s favorite golden retrievers, The Golden Ratio 4. Waffles, queso, carrots, and lots of easy meals. Bonus: everything is vegetarian!


The Grits & Groceries Cookbook

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Heidi and Joe Trull each bring a life-long love of homecooking to their new restaurant, Grits and Groceries. Born and raised in the Carolinas, they have traveled far and wide honing their skills. Now you can try those same recipes in your home. Introducing the new Grits & Groceries cookbook. With over 200 recipes from G&G’s famous tomato pie and praline bacon to southern staples such as angel biscuits and collard greens. With everything in between.


Eat Like An Acoustic Grunge Band

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A cookbook created by the acoustic rock band ilyAIMY for their friends and fans.


50 Delicious 5 Ingredient Recipes

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This cookbook contains 50 delicious 5 ingredient recipes like Layered Macaroni Tuna Casserole, Chicken Thighs Dijon, Chicken Veggies Roast, Slow Cooker Beef Chili and Marshmallow Chocolate Pie.


30 Day Vegan

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30 Day Vegan by CREATACO is a complete meal plan for everyone that makes being vegan so easy. It includes weekly meal plans, complete shopping list, recipes, and even nutritional information for each meal!


Cookies and Cocktails

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Ladies, get together with your best girlfriends and throw your OWN holiday “Cookies and Cocktails™” party! This cookbook is filled with inspirational holiday recipes and the cocktails you love to drink! Whether you’re baking in your own kitchen or getting together with friends, these holiday cookie and dessert recipes will keep you coming back for more. Old-fashioned traditions like Kris Kringles, Snowflakes and Christmas Brittle will have you humming Silent Night. Quick and simple Saltine Toffee Bars and Charlie Chaplin’s are recipes that will make you look like a superstar in the kitchen. You’ll even find a Fruit Cake recipe that you’ll actually want to eat! With so many delicious choices, you’ll have a hard time deciding on which recipe to tackle first. Turn up the holiday music and grab a cocktail while you bake. Try a festive party drink like a Snowball, Jack Frost Martini or a Blushing Reindeer. Your “Cookies and Cocktails™” party will be a hit. Cheers!


Simply Gluten Free Cooking

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Do you have an allergy to wheat? Do you have trouble any time you digest wheat? Did you think you had to give up your favorite recipes when you started your gluten free or wheat free diet? Simply Gluten Free Cooking offers a total of 95 different easy and simple wheat free and cassien free recipes. The recipes are low cost and economical. The ingredients can be located at most supermarkets and grocery stores. She uses canned products and spices to keep the costs low. Besides, common wheat free ingredients include cornmeal, rice flour, soy milk, and rice milk. You will find included in the book a variety of breakfast, lunch, appetizer, dinner, and dessert ideas. You could have pancakes for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Desserts include cake, cookies, and pudding. Come enjoy recipes that you have come to enjoy over the years!


Driven By Meat: The Ultimate Smoking Meat Guide & 51 Finger Lickin’ Good Recipes + BONUS 10 Must-Try BBQ Sauces

Stop! Your Barbecue Taste Boring. Want To Know How To Fix It? ˃˃˃ Here You Will Learn all about the meat grades how to select the best cut how to choose charcoal or electric smoker and grill how to build bbq smokers about wood types about pit and fire management about trimming meats all the cooking tips and tricks ˃˃˃ See How To Make The Best 51 Amazing Smoking Meat Recipes
  • Coca-Cola Wrapped
  • Chicken Breasts Smoked
  • Injected Pork Shoulder Smoked
  • Glazed Sausages Bites
  • Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Vinegar Ketchup Sauce
  • Tenderly Smoked Beef Ribs
  • Red Wine Flavored Smoked Rack of Lamb
  • Cheesy Smoked Beef Burger
  • Grilled Slab Bacon
  • Beef Kebab



Homemade Beverages and American Drinks

This book, containing more than 500 recipes, is a comprehensive guide for the preparation of all kinds of drinks suitable for all seasons and all occasions.


300 Yummylicious Chicken Recipes

If you are looking for an amazing addition to your current cookbooks, add this to your shelf right away! This e-Book features 300 chicken recipes that are easy to make, delicious and perfect for any occasion. It doesn’t matter if you are in a rush, or you want a luxurious family dinner, this book has you covered. All of the recipes in this book are made with your family in mind. Keep your eye out for more Yummylicious Brand books from Evelyn Jean.


Brewing Ambition: Recipes & Stories from the Women of North Carolina Craft Beer

Homebrew recipes by the women of North Carolina’s Craft Beer Industry and the stories behind them. Proceeds from the sale of this book benefit The Pink Boots Society’s scholarship fund, which seeks to assist, encourage, and inspire women in the beer industry to further their careers through education.


Frozen: Ice Cream, Sorbet, and other Cold Desserts Paperback

FROZEN is a cookbook for making cold desserts: Ice cream, gelato, sorbet, semifreddo, granita, paletas and more.


Just Eggs

Just Eggs is a wonderful cookbook full of delicious dishes that can be made for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The beautiful pictures and easy directions make this a must have cookbook for everyone.


Grande Book of Pasta & Other Italian Dishes

Over 35 Italian dishes that you love to eat and some you may not have heard of. Appetizers, entrees and desserts. Very easy to follow and make for you and your family to enjoy. Some examples are:
*Italian Wedding Soup   *Penne with Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto   *Penne ala Vodka   *Veal Marsala *Seafood Pasta   *Olive Tapenade   *Eggplant Parmesan   *Linguine with Tuna Puttanesca   *Italian Meatball Sliders with Red Sauce   *Quick Italian Salad   *Italian Antipasto Salad   *Italian Meatloaf   *Lasagna   *Sauteed Chicken Breast with Fresh Spinach Pasta   *Spaghetti and Meat Balls with Tomato Sauce   *Canneloni Stuffed with Ricotta Cheese and Spinach   *Gnocchi   *Grilled Lamb Chops   *Pizza Margherita   *Rice Balls   *Fresh Plum Tomato Sauce   *Baked Rigatoni with Roasted Eggplant and Tomato   *Tiramisu   *Baked Shrimp Scampi   *Fettuccine Alfredo   *Meat Sauce and Spaghetti

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