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Get ready for an adventure! Learn how to build a raised-bed garden or start harvesting honey from your very own honeycombs! All this and more with Lulu’s staff picks for the outdoor enthusiast! Keep reading and get inspired:



A selection of my favourite bird pictures I have taken over the last two years. 100% of the revenue is going to the nonprofit organization called Avian Haven, located in Freedom, Maine


Twelve Days In Botswana Through the Eyes of a Traveler: A Journal

Charging elephants, hungry leopards, and spitting cobras could not stop five determined travelers as they made their way through Botswana on safari, following their hearts in search of a life-changing adventure. Twelve Days in Botswana through the Eyes of a Traveler presents an informative, detailed journal depicting day-to-day descriptions of a journey into Botswana that led author Kathryn Hardy, her husband, and three friends on a path less traveled. This personal narrative shares the constant potential dangers of the daily trials and tribulations facing the African wildlife thriving in one of the most natural, unspoiled, and stunningly beautiful places on earth. Through remote camps and lodges found in the most desolate areas of Africa, Hardy shares the group’s unforgettable memories of an incredible journey. This travelogue in journal form offers a firsthand account of five travelers’ remarkable experiences while on safari in Botswana.


African Wildlife

A compilation of wildlife photographs from Nambia and South Africa


How to Start a Landscaping Business: A Quick Start Guide on Landscape Design for Beginners

Content Include:
$1148 In One Day Working With Plants? • What Does Your Landscaping Plan Need? • Not All Landscaping Software Is Created Equal • Find Yourself A Great Landscaping Picture • Looking For Just The Right Landscaping Plant? • The Landscaping Tip Of All Time • Why Is Landscaping Important • Rain And Snow In Your Yard • Landscaping Tweaking Your Backyard Pond • The Dos And Don’ts Of Koi Ponds • Tips On Choosing Plants For Landscaping • The Perfect Landscaping Tree • Landscaping And The Environment • What Kind Of Landscaping Equipment Do You Need To Have Around The House? • Choosing Your Garden Furniture • Concrete Landscaping Can Add So Much To Your Yard • Best Landscaping Practices • Backyard Landscaping Is About Many Different Things • A Wonderful Backyard Landscaping Idea • Planning For Desert Landscaping • Easy Front Yard Landscaping • Landscape Design • The Key To Landscaping Design • Layering Garden Landscaping • Is Home Landscaping Different Than Other Landscaping? • Why Use Landscaping Stones?


Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Thinking about the Appalachian Trail?
Sick and tired of the day by day, shelter by shelter accounts published by other former thru hikers?
Hiking the Appalachian Trail is a powerful book that will satisfy your longing. Just imagine that for the first hike of your life you decided to thru hike the Appalachian Trail.
In 2011, Chris “Cleanshave” Miller did just that. With no hiking experience and being physically unprepared for the demands of the trail he still managed to keep hiking the 2,182 miles from Georgia to Maine.
Despite physical injuries, financial setbacks and succumbing to Lyme Disease he managed not only to hike, but to fall in love with the trail and experience a profound personal transformation.
Read Hiking the Appalachian Trail and put yourself on the trail.


The Barefoot Beekeeper

4th Edition of this book, first published in 2007.
The Barefoot Beekeeper has become something of a classic in its field, inspiring thousands of new, environmentally-aware beekeepers to re-think the way bees have been treated since the middle of the nineteenth century and discover a new relationship with this unique and essential insect, responsible for pollinating many of our food crops.
Using home-made equipment and natural, chemical-free methods of management, this is beekeeping simplified. You can build your own hive and have honeybees buzzing around your garden in no time, with honey to spare!
Look out also for other books by this author, including: Learning From Bees Balanced Beekeeping (2 vols.)


Wildflowers of the Perth Hills

This is a personal collection of wildflower photographs taken in the garden of the photographer and surrounding bushland in Bedfordale, the Perth Hills, Western Australia. The South West region of WA has one of the richest floras on Earth, and this book is intended to help us appreciate the range, colours and intricate details of some of these flora in a photographic display. Hardcover edition.


How to Build a Raised Bed Garden

If you want a raised bed garden, and do not have a clue how to begin, this is your book. And better still, the download is free and the printed copy is priced at the zero profit, only the cost of printing. Check out the ebook here!



Gardens is a collection of photographs capturing unexpected, tucked-away garden spaces in London: Christina Theisen portrays landscapes of biodiversity that co-exist in harmony with their concrete, urban environment.
Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi’s accompanying essay reveals the creators behind these spaces, their motivations, and why they believe the fight against the collapse of different ecosystems must start in our cities.
The gardeners in this book challenge the notion that cities are for business only. Instead they envisage a London where rivers of wildflower meadows invade the city’s acres of cement, feeding bees and butterflies buzzing along the Thames, revitalising damaged ecosystems.
This is a new story of protest, one that involves ordinary people, whose seemingly small, individual efforts to save the planet collectively amount to a growing, powerful movement.

Edible Landscaping a Month-By-Month Calendar Desert Southwest & USDA Zone 9b

If you live in USDA Zone 9b or higher — this month-by-month planting calendar is for you — use at your desk or hang on the wall. The Desert Southwest and Deep South are blessed with sunny days and mild winters with little or no frost, allowing for year-round growing of all things edible. It is about paying attention to not only heat, but soil temperatures and daylight hours. For example: Tomatoes and Basil are warm weather crops during those long sunny days, whereas Kale, lettuces and roots are cool weather crops for the short daylight hour times of the year. Grow vegetables, fruits, herbs and edible flowers with information on when to plant for optimal success, planting tips and maintenance guidance. YOU can garden 365 days a year, harvesting great food from your own backyard. Extra pages for your notes are included.

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