Lulu Seeks B Corp Certification (Again!)

A little over two years ago Lulu began the journey to become a certified B Corp. We achieved that goal! The certification requires renewal every two years, so in 2018 we’ll be taking on recertification.

To be certified a B Corp, a for-profit company must complete the Impact Assessment. This lengthy application evaluates five key areas- governance, workers, community, environment, and customers. Companies must achieve at least 80 out of 200 points to certify.

Lulu B Corp Certification 2016

To up the ante, Lulu has been randomly selected by B Lab, the nonprofit that certifies all B Corps, for a more in-depth, on-site review. We are part of 10% of the B Corp Community that is picked at random for the highest level of verification in certification. The rigorous audit ensures the credibility and integrity of the B Corp Certification.

A couple things have changed since our original certification in July 2016. The biggest change is we’ve bid adieu to our Hillsborough Street office in Raleigh and moved to the heart of Research Triangle Park. In the process, we’ve become more intentional with our office sustainability efforts through composting, renewable energy credits from Arcadia Power, and an internal “Green Team”. We have also implemented regular Ask Me Anything’s with Team Lulu department directors, created an anonymous suggestion box, as well as an internal monthly newsletter to promote organizational transparency.

Lulu CTO Ask Me Anything
Lulu employees are invited to ask (anonymously or not!) Executive Team Members anything related to the company.
Lulu Green Team
The Lulu Green Team tends to our plant friends.

Still, there’s always room for improvement. This spring we’re taking a deeper dive into sustainability metrics because you can’t improve what you don’t measure. We’ll investigate vendor diversity and inclusion, employee satisfaction, ways to better calculate greenhouse gas emissions, revenue from educational products, and more!

With all this work to do, we’ve asked our friends of the NCSU B Corp Clinic for assistance once again with the scrupulous and often daunting Impact Assessment. You may remember our team from the Spring 2016 Clinic.

NCSU B Corp Clinic 2018

Stick with us as we start the journey toward recertification. We’ll share best practices and updates on our progress.

We also encourage you to use the Impact Assessment for your own businesses. It’s a free tool that may illuminate aspects of your enterprise that you may have never considered. The best part is, you don’t have to commit to anything. The assessment is free and there are no obligations. But chances are, once you have a new perspective on your business, you’ll want to be certified too!

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