5 Ways to Stay Inspired and Keep Writing! [Infographic]

The long winter months are upon us (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway), and with the bitter weather and short days come some of the best times to finish your manuscript. Don’t let the doldrums of winter get you down!

5 Tips to Keep Writing, Stay Productive, and Finish Your Manuscript

5 thoughts on “5 Ways to Stay Inspired and Keep Writing! [Infographic]”

  1. I have a short story that I wrote , I’m told that I should publish it someday. Its a true story about an incident when I was about 14yrs old. Its very funny. I am also writing a book about me on life support, before, during, and after. Any suggestions.

  2. New Author! Just received my first bulk of “Love’s Aim”! Preparing for my first Book Launch. Thank you, Lulu, for all your support and everyone’s help. Looking forward now to my second book with Lulu. You are the best!

  3. I’m with you, my story that begs to be shared is a war story. A teen boy finds himself with a.30cal.machine gun, he tracks, and shoots killing boys his age he. where is shooting from? Laying a stream of targeting tracers there,the shooters fall either wounded, terrified, or dead he can’t know. He shoots to survive, and protect his felloes GIs he has come to care for; all armed, all dangerous, and all very mortally vulnerable. These attackers the “NVA” are just as human, soft, & killable as his soldiers, but out of North VIetnam. When I, the boy, recalls that day it feels like he’s set karma he owes life the lives he took.
    The war over, the boy now a man with one leg; war wounds a down payment on debts owed. His Phantom limb pain, all misfortunes are payback on guilt. He has shame

  4. Thanks for the valuable information. When i sit down writing, the right approach is generally missing. These writing tips would definitely help me come out with effective content.

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