Enhance and promote your small business with your indie-published book using Lulu API software

The saying goes that everyone has a book in them. But what if that book of yours isn’t a novel or a collection of short stories?  It could be a guide, a masterclass, a how-to, or a personal account relating to your services that would enhance and promote your business.

You could be a sole trader or small business owner – a speaker, personal trainer, life coach, designer, interior decorator, crafter, consultant or entrepreneur. Whatever you specialize in, a book could be the making of you and your business, helping you stand out from your competitors.

To start with, you should think about what the aim of your book is – what do you want to achieve by producing a book? What impact do you want it to make? Your book could raise your profile and become that extra incentive you need to encourage more people to work with you or use your services. It could be that you want to raise your profile, promote your company as a whole and solidify your brand and services. A book could convince your clients that you are an authority in your field. It could also be a way to introduce yourself to new clients or customers in order to secure you with more business opportunities.

As a small business owner, you will probably have a website where you direct your prospective clients to promote or sell your services or products. This is where you’ll be able to sell your book without the worry and hassle of arranging the printing and shipping yourself.

So, where does Lulu API software come in? To begin with, you might not know what an API is off the top of your head. However, it’s highly likely that you have encountered websites using this software. API stands for Application Programming Interface – code that allows various software components to interact – in short, a way to plug your website into another.

This means that you can connect your e commerce website to the Lulu API software which will allow customers to purchase your book on your website. This software will transmit your customer’s order details to Lulu where it will be printed on demand and shipped to your customer. The API also provides updates along the production and shipping process so you can keep your customers informed.

Lulu has a global network of printers which means, for example, that if someone in Australia goes to your UK website and purchases one of your books, the API software will arrange for your book to be printed on demand in Australia and shipped directly to their address. This automation means that you can get your book to your customer in a faster and more cost-efficient way than ever before.

Your book – which is essentially a new marketing tool for your business – has the potential to be a valuable selling point for your business and could supplement your income. There are also no upfront costs and the price you charge for your book on your website is completely up to you. You also retain 100% of the profits as Lulu only prints and ships the book on your behalf (you pay shipping and book manufacture cost only).

Lulu always looks ahead to the future and has always been ahead of the game in terms of enabling authors to publish their work with the latest print technologies. We launched Lulu API last year knowing that this software is vital for small businesses looking to expand their reach while saving money. In fact, a 2018 report by the software company MuleSoft found that 58% of businesses increase productivity through APIs.

You can find more information on Lulu’s Print API and how this could work for your business at developers.lulu.com

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