Celebrating the Ladies of Lulu

This Women’s History Month, celebrate the Ladies of Lulu; women authors who use Lulu to share their story, promote their business, or spread their knowledge. Join us today as we look back at these women and the incredible books they created!

Check out the cover and description for each book and just click on the cover image to head over to our Lulu Bookstore to buy a copy today!

Brewing Ambition By Anita Riley

Brewing Ambition by Anita Riley

Brewing Ambition features homebrew recipes by the women of North Carolina’s Craft Beer Industry and the stories behind them. Proceeds from the sale of this book benefit The Pink Boots Society’s scholarship fund, which seeks to assist, encourage, and inspire women in the beer industry to further their careers through education.

The Runner’s Cookbook by Alison Wade

The Runner’s Cookbook includes 100 recipes submitted by some of the world’s greatest distance runners. The book contains recipes that can be used for maximizing performance and recovery, as well as recipes for simply indulging yourself after a hard training session. All of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the Ryan Shay Memorial Fund and the Jenny Crain “Make It Happen” Fund.

The Runner's Cookbook

The Memory of Health

The Memory of Health By Edie Summers

A memoir and guide to living well. The Memory of Health is a meditation and conversation on well-being. What makes you thrive, even in the face of great odds? What makes you come alive? At the age of 22, Edie developed chronic fatigue after having surgery for a ski accident. While physical therapy was helpful, she had to seek alternative treatment to regain full use of her knee. In the course of seeking answers to her health challenges, she discovered the power of mindful living and became a conscious consumer in her quest for true well-being. Whether you like mainstream, alternative, or integrative medicine as your solution for health and well-being, be conscious of the choices you make, because they matter.

Little Bitty Octopus By J.R. Povulter & Emel Alp Sari

The Little Bitty Octopus is a good little boy. We didn’t say perfect. When he discovers something he can’t resist, things get a little bit messy! A humorous narrative verse story for vages 2 to 6 years that introduces the idea of healthy eating and the principle of action and consequence. Includes directions & equipment for the ©Nutrition Game and sing-a-long lyrics to Emel’s Little Bitty Song.

Little Bitty Octopus By J.R. Poulter & Emel Alp Sari

the aerial yoga manual

The Aerial Yoga Manual By Rebekah Leach

With over 300 detailed pictures, The Aerial Yoga Manual covers all the basics of a first course in aerial yoga. Pigeon, bow, frog, plank and more than forty other moves are described using the fabric as an assisting tool. Moves are done both in conjunction with the ground and suspended in the air. Designed for both teachers and students, this manual is the perfect reference handbook to have on hand.

F*ck This I’m Coloring By Jacqueline Monique

So, once again you’ve found yourself in a position where you couldn’t say what you REALLY wanted to say. This adult language coloring book was designed to help you get through those insane moments of frustration. Filled with humor, defiance, and meditative qualities, “F*ck This I’m Coloring” lets you experience hours of solid swearing and coloring, striking illustrations ranging from simple shapes to advanced tangles of line art. Also, let loose with the “Dirty Talk” Templates where you can squiggle your own dirty doodles that will help you unwind and alleviate stress. This book also features “Marker Bleed Blockers” between each page to prevent most marker bleeds!

f_ck this i'm coloring

dream big live intentionally

The Dream Big, Live Intentionally by Kathy Rasmussen

Ready to start changing your world? Start a daily manifesting ritual including writing affirmations, listing what you’re grateful for, and declaring your inspired actions every day. The Dream Big, Live Intentionally daily manifesting journal is a tool you can use to guide you through manifesting the life you’ve always wanted.

Bugglepuffs and the Magic Key By CL Bennett

Jungle bedrooms, pirate treasure maps, a chocolate bath, little people with flying boots, a crazy parrot and a Magic Key can all be found in the first of a series of books about the Bugglepuff family. Captain Bugglepuff, his mad wife Delirious and their four rascally children Anenome, Compass, Rocky and Seasea live a haphazard day to day family life in the little English fishing port of Brixham, Devon, until the arrival of a mysterious crisp white letter in the post. Nothing in the Bugglepuff’s lives after this letter will ever be the same again.

Bugglepuffs and the Magic Key

The 5 Secrets to Public Speaking Success By Inspiring Vanessa

The 5 Secrets to Public Speaking Success By Inspiring Vanessa

This book will help you to unlock your potential and learn the secrets to public speaking, you and your children will learn about the journey of Inspiring Vanessa as a young motivational speaker

Homeward Bound by Bridgitte Lesley

Ending up on her own, Jasmine decided to go ahead with the plan to build her new home. With her mobile home hitched she made her way up the mountain. Surrounded by the beauty of the ocean and the mountain it was her time to heal and start again. Bert lived a quiet and peaceful life on his mountain. With his office based in town he traveled up and down. The day he saw the mobile home parked on the vacant land curiosity got the better of him. After meeting Jasmine his quiet life changed. With her knowledge of business she seemed to open his eyes to a more meaningful life. One where he would excel! Not only did his businesses thrive but so did he!

homeward bound

Pretty: A book for the girls who are told they're not by Paige Hall

Pretty: A Book for the Girls Who Are Told They’re Not By Paige Hall

‘Pretty: A Book for the Girls Who Are Told They’re Not’ is a small body-positive art book that I’ve created about something I’m very passionate about: wanting every lady on this planet to feel beautiful. It’s a colorful, 33-page paperback filled with my illustrations of all different types of women, as well as positive, inspirational quotes to make a combination that I hope will make at least someone feel as pretty as they really are!

You Got Into Where? By Joi Wade

“You Got Into Where?” is the first college admissions guide written by a student who is fresh out of the college admissions process. Learn how I was admitted to schools like the University of Southern California and New York University with full tuition scholarships. The guide features copies of my admissions essay, writing supplement, and activities resume that I used to apply to college the fall of my senior year. Get advice on all the secrets of the admissions process from start to finish.

You Got Into Where? By Joi Wade

remove before flight

Remove Before Flight By Laura Einsetler

Remove Before Flight, written by an airline Captain, is a guide to help you remove any fears or concerns before your next flight! It will educate and empower you, so that you feel more at ease in the flying environment. This book speaks to your many questions about flight and travel. The Chapters include: a brief historical on the evolution of flight, a discussion on how the jets are designed and built, an overview of the pilots’ experience level and thinking process, a journey through the planning and phases of flight, a guide on weather factors and phenomenon, a summary of airline operations and safety, a talk about what flight attendants tell you and why, and tips on healthier traveling. Whether you travel often or fly infrequently, this book will be enlightening and educational for you! It also makes a perfect gift for friends, family, and co-workers who take to the skies. Enjoy!

The 45 Presidents By Toni Steedman-Zelickson

2017 Silver IPPY Award Winner and Homeschool.com Summer Resources Award Winner! The 45 Presidents is the newest and most up-to-date fact and activity book about the U.S. presidents, including the most recent 2016 election. With 84-pages of original caricatures of each president, historical facts and activities, The 45 Presidents entertains and educates children of all ages about the men and women who shaped our country. “The 45 Presidents” is also a new, catchy song and music video, which reinforce the lessons learned in the book.

the 45 presidents

pioneer mechanics

Pioneer Mechanics in Aviation By Giacinta Koontz

Pioneer Mechanics in Aviation History contains over 20 fact-filled stories of aircraft mechanics before WWII. Includes dozens of illustrations and vintage photographs, References and Index of Aircraft, Engines and People. Foreword by Hon. John Goglia, Former NTSB board member

Yoga for Beginners By Cathy Wilson

Yoga for Beginners: Ultimate Guide to Practicing Yoga by author Cathy Wilson is a fantastic take action guide to get your feet wet with the ancient art form of yoga. Wilson takes you through the basics of yoga, providing the tools and knowledge for you to benefit from yoga in every aspect of your life. Yoga for Beginners is light and entertaining loaded with expert practical information, providing pictures and step by step instructions to practice posing, and that’s just to start!

yoga for beginners

Peace + Love + Low Carb: The Cookbook by Kyndra Holley

Peace, Love, and Low Carb By Kyndra Holley

Peace, Love, and Low Carb – The Cookbook – 3 Ingredients to a healthier you! This cookbook is is a mixture of low-carb, high fat, paleo, primal, dairy-free, sugar-free, and even vegetarian recipes. This cookbook is filled with mouth watering dishes, restaurant quality dishes that will help keep you on track without feeling deprived. I took all the heavy, carb-laden comfort foods and re-created them into low carb versions. Enjoy!

The Magical Adventure Of Little Alf By Hannah Russell

This is a children’s book written to help support the RDA – Riding for disabled association.

The Magical Adventures of Little Alf

how not to save the world

How Not to Save the World By J. Yinka Thomas

Remi Austin is a fundraiser for the African Peace Collaborative (APC), a conflict resolution nonprofit founded by her late mother. Frustrated by her inability to raise funds and faced with the imminent closure of the APC, Remi turns to a life of crime to keep her nonprofit afloat.

From Sydney, to Tokyo, Geneva and Cape Town, Remi transforms from a fundraiser too shy to speak during staff meetings into a daring international art thief who must stop a war from breaking out and figure out how to save herself from a life behind bars.

Miss Understood by Lynette Greenfield

In her new book, “Miss Understood” Lynette Greenfield stakes out as firmly as ever, the position of poetry in a world where language’s registers have been largely mellowed by forces of oppression. Greenfield’s poems unfold in settings: her streets, cafes, and cities, yet these poems oppose grand pronouncements and renounce engagement. We see her continual evolution toward memory, but the role of poetry is still both vital and deeply pronounced. These new poems, pitched at a register slightly lower than that of praise, offer a sort of quiet surprise born out of wise and hard-earned scepticism. A poet has “only language, only words, images, only the world,” she writes “Or elsewhere, “There is no truth”.

Miss Understood

IN Just one Afternoon

In Just One Afternoon By Marilyn Shannon

In just one afternoon a baby is born, and a handshake begins peace. In Just One Afternoon is a series of intimate stories that will fill your heart. Nothing is held back. The first book, In Just One Afternoon: Listening into the Hearts of Men, is a compilation of sweet, vulnerable stories told by men and the events in life that leave them exposed. A simple act changes everything. This book is dedicated to men finding their voice.

Activity Book, version 2 By Sophie Gamand

Flower Power is a series of shelter pit bulls wearing flower crowns. It was created by Sophie Gamand to raise awareness for pit bulls, and help dogs get adopted. This Activity Book is designed to help children use their voice and creativity, to speak for the voiceless and become advocates for compassion, respect and justice.

Activity Book, version2 By Sophie Gamand

the genealogists google toolbox

The Genealogist’s Google Toolbox By Lisa Louise Cooke

The completely updated second edition of the genealogy bestseller! When it comes to tracing your family tree online, you need the right tools to get the job done! In The Genealogist’s Google Toolbox, renowned genealogy podcaster Lisa Louise Cooke helps you stuff your genealogy toolbox with FREE state-of-the-art Internet tools that are built to search, translate, message, and span the globe. You’ll travel outside the genealogy community and straight to the folks who dominate the online world: Google. A lot has changed since the first edition was published in 2011, and it’s all documented step-by-step in this new edition.

Ladies & Ink: Female Tattooists

A collection of 100+ ladies who tattoo around the world, ‘Female Tattooists’ celebrates the tattoo work, paintings and ladies themselves who make up the industry today. It holds a variety of talent ranging from watercolor to acrylic to embroidery to handkerchiefs to oils and back to tattoos. Ladies & Ink itself is a community for female tattooists created by female tattooists. My hope in creating this book is to inspire awareness and collaboration between tattooists utilizing all mediums without the limitation of country, oceans or solitude.

America, Can I Have Your Autograph? By Aida Frey & Dana Dorfman

America, Can I Have Your Autograph? By Aida Frey & Dana Dorfman

You might think Junior Ranger Aida Frey is an ordinary girl from Chicago, but you’d be wrong. She’s actually the sweetheart of national parks, and in this travel diary, she shares delightful stories from her fun-filled America’s Two Hundred National Park Friendship Tour. Aida takes you into caves, to old battlefields, and to the stuff of legends. She sweeps through the passages of time, throwing baseballs on a famous cornfield, climbing mountains, and exploring nature’s nooks and crannies. She also travels to the Sears Tower, the White House, the John Dillinger Museum, Michael Jackson’s house, and Graceland. But it’s her amazing interviews with national park rangers and superintendents, as well as her wonderful trip to Tupelo, Mississippi, that set off real fireworks. So release the balloons, throw the confetti, and set out on a series of never-ending adventures with America, Can I Have Your Autograph?


Home-grown Tastes Better is the 3rd book in my series STARLETT’S SECRET GARDEN Other titles are STARLETT’S SECRET KITCHEN (RECIPES) STARLETT’S SECRET GARDEN (A-Z HOMEMADE HEALTH REMEDIES) Find me on facebook and Twitter Louise M Crowley Plus Starlett_The_ Westie on Instagram and on Twitter @StarlettCrowley THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! PLEASE CONTINUE TO ENJOY MY BOOKS!

home grown tastes better

Grits and Groceries

The Grits & Groceries Cookbook By Heidi Trull & Joe Trull

Heidi and Joe Trull each bring a life-long love of homecooking to their new restaurant, Grits and Groceries. Born and raised in the Carolinas, they have traveled far and wide honing their skills. Now you can try those same recipes in your home. Introducing the new Grits & Groceries cookbook.

With over 200 recipes from G&G’s famous tomato pie and praline bacon to southern staples such as angel biscuits and collard greens. With everything in between.

Write. Plan. Do. Bullet Journal (Blue) By Nada Qamber & Najla Qamber

Your Write. Plan. Do. Bullet Journal Edition filled with dotted lines for your monthly, future, and daily logs, clean looking calendars, lists, and doodles too. Perfect for bullet journaling, notes, and even daily journaling.

Write. Plan. Do.

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