Running with Lulu to Race for the Cure®

May 2018 marked Lulu’s third year of joining the Komen Triangle Race for the Cure®, a charitable 5K that helps advance breast cancer research and healthcare. As a team, we raised $697.40 to help reach the total contribution of $753,933.12.

While our company participation in the 5K is a relatively new initiative, breast cancer is something many of our colleagues are all too familiar with. For our Customer Voice Manager, participating in the Komen walk was a way to remember her grandmother’s struggle with breast cancer. For another team member, the 5K represents a celebration of life and an annual family tradition.

Running with Team Lulu

Being Sarah

‘Highly Commended’ by the British Medical Association in their Book Awards 2011, and described as ‘well-written and intelligent’. Being Sarah is a true story about choice, control and breast cancer, It is a life-affirming, incredibly honest, opinionated, humorous and thought-provoking read. It follows Sarah on her breast cancer odyssey, as she starts looking for a treatment plan that suits her, asking for choices, for second opinions, and questions. And there are so many questions: in a field where so little is certain, what’s best for me? Why do we concentrate on cure rather than prevention? Is our terror about breast cancer sanitised and diluted by the ‘pink’ movement? And will I die? And there aren’t always answers. From the minutiae of getting through each day to the wider feelings of rage, hope, sadness, fear, loss, joy and helplessness, Being Sarah is about life, death, questions, options and choices.

Being Sarah

Finding the “CAN” in Cancer

A compelling handbook for cancer patients, their families, and friends. Four long-term survivors, with more than 70 years of collective experience dealing with cancer, have put together a guidebook to help others who face this illness. The authors combine personal stories and experiences with practical tips for coping with side effects, information on tests and procedures, emotional and spiritual encouragement, and advice on how to let others help during this difficult time. “This book is many things: a pragmatic and practical handbook on dealing with the details of cancer treatment; a book with helpful and inspirational vignettes; and most of all, a story of friends…each exemplifies a depth of resourcefulness and optimism that has sustained them through the roughest of times.” P. Kelly Marcom, MD Director, Breast Medical Oncology and Hereditary Cancer Clinic Duke University Comprehensive Cancer Center

Finding the "CAN" in Cancer

Being Cancer Happy

Cancer is a word you never want to hear, but when you do it changes your entire life. However, it does not have to be the end of happiness or living. Being Cancer Happy is an informative cancer self-help book designed to encourage happiness while fighting cancer.
Life is full of surprises. One of my life’s surprises was being diagnosed with breast cancer in my thirties. As a wife, daughter, and mother of two young children I was able to maintain my happiness while in the midst of life, treatments, side effects, and all things cancer. It was not always easy, but I found ways to manage living, laughing, and loving through it all. I believe you have to make your happy happen.

Being Cancer Happy

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