10 Books Your Dad Will Love for Father's Day

Father's Day Book Versus Bass

Father’s Day is coming up fast! Get your dad a memorable gift this year to let him know what a great dad he is.
This year, instead of buying your dad a t-shirt or a power tool or a fishing rod, consider getting him a book. The wonderful thing about books is that they last. Reading the book will remind your dad you thought of him on father’s day, and years down the road that book will still be a reminder on the bookshelf.
Or maybe you take it to the next level and create a personalized book. A photobook capturing moments you shared, a story tailored to your dad, a calendar with family holidays and photos—books offer versatile and meaningful ways to show your loved ones how much you care.
Today we offer a gift guide of amazing, independently published books your dad would absolutely love for Father’s Day. Just click on any title below to see the shop page on Lulu. Or get inspired and create your own book for your dad today!

Create a Book for your Dad!

From Fatherless to Fatherhood

Author and world renowned actor Omar Epps chronicles his journey from humble beginnings in Brooklyn, New York, to the bright lights of Hollywood. Having grown up without his biological father, then becoming a father himself, Epps shares his story of pain and triumph in a uniquely visceral way. It’s an intimate, unapologetic, and emotional conversation about childhood, manhood, and parenting. From Fatherless to Fatherhood touches on many themes surrounding the importance of family and community. It also shows how men can break the cycle of fatherlessness within their families, and come to terms with their own issues surrounding their fathers.
Fatherhood is about much more than providing food and shelter for a child. It’s about much more than cutting a check to check a box. Fatherhood is about being active in a child’s life, and cultivating those sacred bonds of family. It’s about guiding and teaching a child how to be a loving, honest, respectful individual who will permeate goodness to all they encounter.

Sustainable Family Farming & Organic Gardening

Sustainable Family Farming & Organic Gardening focuses on the topics of getting back to basics, growing one’s own food, holistic management, conventional verses organic gardening, collecting rainwater, atmospheric water generation, water conservation and storage, crop irrigation methodology, farming lifecycles, using greenhouses and hydroponics, organic composting, raising chickens and other small livestock, successful herb and vegetable rotation, maximizing outputs in a sustainable manner, and much more.

Entrepreneurial Life: The Path From Startup to Market Leader

Entrepreneurial Life tells the fascinating history of CaptiveAire, the largest commercial kitchen ventilation company in North America. From the beginning, CaptiveAire’s story is not a typical one. Forged by Bob Luddy during a growing recession, with little capital, and as a newcomer to the region—his startup should not have survived, much less taken the trajectory it has had. In these pages, Luddy shares some of the values he learned as one of eight children in a “hard-scrabble, can-do” family and details his take on the type of leadership, innovation, financial management, and marketing strategy that has spurred his manufacturing company to grow at a remarkable pace over the course of forty-plus years at the helm. Entrepreneurial Life reveals Luddy’s philosophy on all things entrepreneurship, character, and the skills necessary for achieving your fullest potential, no matter what your calling.

Abandoned Classics

Across the United States there are countless vehicles sitting in forgotten fields, parking lots and on personal properties. This photography book captures a few of the relics that Laura Hatcher, the photographer has discovered along the way.

The Beard Book: A Breast and Testicular Cancer Charity Project

The Beard Book is a collection of black & white, fine art photography of men, their beards, & their stories. Proceeds from the sale of the book go directly to The Keep-A-Breast Foundation & Indiana University Simon Cancer Center – Foundation for Testicular Cancer Research. The Beard Book set out to capture the creativity & celebration of this masculine mystique & popular yet often misunderstood culture. The beard has been around since the dawn of time. Today, many men wear their facial hair to honor those that came before them, while others have ushered in a new era of facial hair fashion. This is a collection of Gents from all walks of life including celebrities & beard growing champions. Thru photography & personal interest stories in their own words via ‘Beard Blurbs’, we learn what having a beard means.

Daddy And The World’s Longest Poo

Do you ever wonder why daddies disappear for hours on end? Where on earth do they go? Daddy and the World’s Longest Poo tells the adventure of a little boy who faces just such a conundrum. Follow him on a journey of discovery, as he tries to make sense of one of life’s great mysteries.

The Coffee Table Book of Rejected Coffee Table Books

A book of rejected book ideas, in hardcover format. Author Athol Birtley submitted a new coffee table book proposal to publishers every fortnight for twelve months. All were rejected. He then submitted a coffee table book proposal for a compilation of rejected coffee table books. That too was rejected. But thanks to vanity publishing and the internet, his work is now available for the public to officially ignore. From “Alternative Uses for Alternative Medicine” to “Voodoos and Voodon’ts”, there is something in here for everyone. Unless of course there isn’t, as over 200 publishing industry representatives have considered these pages and decided they are not worth printing. Note: Unlike the Seinfeld episode, this book does not transform into a table.

Seen and Unseen

It’s a historical fiction set deep in the Panamanian rain forest. Follow Sam Hildebrand, an ichthyologist, during his harrowing adventure through mud and magic, as he tries to complete the 1911 Smithsonian Biological survey. *** rated PG-13 -animals kill people – indigenous nudity on female monkey-like forest creatures in one drawing – there is nothing sexual in this book at all. It’s like Treasure Island.

Captain Madbeard’s Cookbook

Captain Doug “Madbeard” McLean’s cookbook be a treasure of recipes for fun and adventure. With recipes such as Maggoty Meat Burgers and Treasure Map Pizza, me cookbook be sure to nourish and entertain hungry pirates be they young or old. So whether ye be a junior pirate just making the jump from midshipman to captain, or a salty old sea dog who’s been around the world a few times, ye knows ye needs to be eating right proper. So if ye don’t want yer crew to be starting a mutiny, and ye don’t want to be walking the plank, ye best be reading this here fine book of recipes!

Chop Wood Carry Water: How to Fall In Love With the Process of Becoming Great

Guided by “Akira-sensei,” John comes to realize the greatest adversity on his journey will be the challenge of defeating the man in the mirror.
This powerful story of one boy’s journey to achieve his life long goal of becoming a samurai warrior, brings the Train to be CLUTCH curriculum to life in a powerful and memorable way.
Some things you will learn…
—No matter how it feels, you are always building your own house.
—How and why you must surrender to the outcome in order to be at your best.
—Why you never want to have your identity wrapped up in what you do.
—Why your strength lies in faithfulness to the little things.
—How to develop a heart posture of gratitude.
—How to use the biggest challenges as a training ground for greatness.
—Why the process is more important than the goal.
—Why comparison is the thief of all joy.
—How to develop a growth mindset.
—Why talent is more of a curse than a blessing.

4 thoughts on “10 Books Your Dad Will Love for Father's Day”

  1. I doubt an 86 yr old (prudish to boot), would like any of these. Any suggestions for Native American Indians or WWII? Thanks

  2. Linda Marilyn

    Try the Forest Keepers by Linda Marilyn.
    A fiction story with true U.S. forest fire facts involving the first wildland firefighters and the local Native American communities. Tells how they came together for a common goal to protect the lands from devastating wildland forest fires and build the first lookout towers.
    *Good read in Easy Read format. Great for all ages!

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