Meet the Authors with Joi Wade

Lulu’s been helping independent and motivated creators for 16 years. Giving anyone and everyone the means to publish and sell their work on their own terms.
We really get excited about doing this for authors and creators. Like really excited. So much so that we love to go out and find our users and ask them about their experiences, what drives them to write, and how self-publishing has enabled them to follow their dreams.

Today we’d like to share a recent author interview with one particularly amazing Lulu author named Joi Wade.

Joi is an inspiration to any student looking to continue their education. She worked tirelessly to set a powerful, important example for students of all sorts and a she is generous enough to share that wisdom on her website, YouTube channel, and through her book, “You Got into Where?
you_got_into_whereFind her online through her website and stay up to date with Joi’s adventures and wisdom as she continues to inspire!
Everyone here at Lulu wants to wish Joi the best and thank her for using Lulu to publisher her book! We look forward to supporting Joi and all indie authors with the low-cost, high-quality print-on-demand they need!

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