Get Read: August bestsellers from Lulu

Lulu's August 2018 list of popular textbooks from independent authors and publishers

The Lulu Bookstore is home to a lot of books. Like, imagine one of those giant Barnes & Noble locations a few times over. We love that so many of our authors can use this resource to sell their books independently, but the overwhelming quantity of books available can make finding something new and amazing a challenge.

In an effort to help you make a little bit more sense of our shop, we’re featuring some of our best selling books of the last 30 days. Today I’ve got 5 books from our top sellers.

These books don’t just represent some of the most popular books on Lulu right now, they also provide a terrific cross section the kinds of books you can create using Lulu’s self-publishing platform. Note that this week we are not highlighting any books at fall into the strict fiction category, but we will! Just stay tuned and we’ll get you all some awesome reads from our most popular authors in the weeks to come.

If you see something you like, be sure to grab a copy from the Lulu Bookstore and leave the author a review so they know you loved their work!

Algebra I Common Core Regents Course Workbook

Alright, an Algebra textbook may not be the most exciting book in the world. But I added it to today’s list for a couple of very specific reasons.

First, this book is only $25.00. For a complete and thorough workbook written to New York State’s standard common core learning requirements. At that price point, it makes this very useful workbook accessible to a range of learners.

Next, we should appreciate that August is a time when going back to school is on everyone’s mind. So highlighting our textbook authors is a big deal right now. If you’re a teacher or in charge of setting curricula, you should look at this author’s website for more education content –

Referral Ignite Workbook Course V3

Another workbook, though not with quite the same educational focus as our Algebra book. Referral Ignite is a program to help salespeople up their game. Earning qualified referrals is often one of the most important metrics for success for salespeople. The Referral Ignite program aims to help boost those referral numbers and create routines that make consistently growing your sales numbers a reality.

Even if you’re not participating in the program, this workbook highlights just how amazing a book can be at providing information and actionable steps.

El Sketchbook Lorenzo Deluxe Collection: 2005 – 2010

Lorenzo Etherington is one of the most exciting and interesting artists using Lulu. Lorenzo penned a quest post earlier this year about why creating content with an eye toward doing a public service is the most rewarding way to create.

Today we’ve got his first Deluxe Collection book, one of the best selling graphic art books on Lulu and a crowd favorite. If you’re an artists or just love amazing drawings, this is the inspiration book for you!

The View From Here

View from Here: Contemporary Perspective from Senegal

Featuring a foreword by US-Senegal Ambassador Tulinabo Mishingi and feature art from US and Senegalese artists, the View from Here is a introspective look at the way this culture is regarded.

This book is full of rich and potent art that seeks to understand perspective, leading to more considerations than just the juxtaposition of two cultures – one can see these images and begin to consider more deeply how we relate to anything and anyone we don’t know within our own circles. I personally love this book and am glad to see it among our best sellers this month.

Scarred for Life

Scarred For Life Volume One

Speaking of favorite books, Scarred for Life is another one I love. Here is a witty and insightful look at pop culture from the 1970s, reminding us of the entertainment we grew up with. Or maybe our parents grew up with for some.

While this book is a consistently popular one on Lulu, what I really want to point out is how well designed and executed this book is. From the font choice to the use of images to amazing page layout, we’ve got a book here that not only captures the spirit of the 1970s, but does so with real style.

There we have it. Five of the most popular titles on Lulu’s Bookstore for the last 30 days. I hope you see something in this list you are excited about. And if you don’t see anything, we’ve got literally thousands of other books to grab you attention.

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