A New Look on the Lulu Blog

Blog Logo Shortened

Hey everyone! You might notice the Lulu blog looks a little different today.

That’s because we recently updated the Lulu Blog’s theme. This update keeps all the old functionality but provides a cleaner page with a slightly wider reading panel.

We’re still making some additional updates too, including a new header and footer to roll out in the near future. But don’t worry, the content will still be the same self-publishing and print-on-demand news and updates you expect from Lulu.

2 thoughts on “A New Look on the Lulu Blog”

  1. Dennis R. Torii, Jr.

    I have been swindled by The Writer Central and do not know what to do. This is what happened.:
    Having self-published a children’s book through Archway Publishing, I was contacted by phone by Pamela Cooper from The Writer Central to represent me to attain a traditional publisher. I was charged approximately a total of $4500 and was promised that the book would get a new cover (more appealing than previous one), that I would get 10 copies, 500 would be placed for sale worldwide and they would market the book to traditional publishers from whom they would get 10% of any upfront money awarded. I saw the book re-published online with new cover by a company (apparently the same company because when you dial Ideopage Press Solution’s number, The Writer Central answering machine comes on). The Writer Central then offered to digitize and illustrate the second and third book of the trilogy for $7000 to include the full trilogy in the marketing. They also had someone named Maggie Peterson offer to do a cartoon trailer for $1500 of which I paid half so far. Apparently this is a scam run out of the Philippines possibly and is preying upon aspiring writers, financially ruining people like me. I have not received a dime for any book sales and need them to pay me back and cease and desist selling my book without paying me.

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