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Welcome to February’s featured authors! We’ve got two authors this month with practical guides to living better, being happier, and not denying yourself the little joys in life. These are the kinds of self-help guides you can actually read and feel immediately capable of acting on.

So, let’s dig into these Featured Authors for February:

Brian White

First up we have Brian White. His book, ‘Becoming a Workday Warrior’ isn’t a guide to doing weekday kung fu or brandishing a broadsword. Brian is a personal trainer and his guide is written to help anyone who sits at a desk all day be healthier. And for all of us who do sit hunched over a keyboard all day, we know that a little more physical activity would be a great thing.

The Workday Warrior offers simple, easy to do tips for getting building muscle and correcting posture without breaking a sweat, increasing focus, and relieving tension.

Becoming a Workday Warrior

Becoming A Workday Warrior by Brian White

A huge chunk of your life is going to be spent sitting at a desk, you can control how that affects your health. If you are someone who wants to live a long, healthy and vibrant life and works long hours at a desk, this book is for you.

Check out our Facebook Live from earlier in the month featuring Brian’s Workday Warrior guide:

Read the Full transcript from Brian White

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your mission.

I have been a personal trainer since 1999. I have trained hundreds of people, groups and corporations to achieve their health and fitness goals. The longer I spend in this industry helping people I have come to realize that so many of our health issues stem from sitting too much. Specifically at our desks hunched over our computers. My mission is to turn every desk in the world into a place of energy, movement and health.

Any fun facts you’d like your readers to know about you?

My crowning achievement in life was getting my kids to call the ice cream truck, the “yuck truck” until they were about 5 years old. They weren’t too happy with me when they found out, lol.

What inspired you to publish this book?

I was inspired to write this book because I was visiting so many corporations who were experiencing the same health issues within their employees. With some research, I realized that most of these problems could be solved by implementing some easy hacks and short bursts of movement or exercises throughout the day for employees.

Tell us about the creation process and the self-publishing process of this book.

I can’t emphasize enough to layout your book in its entirety before you start writing. I laid out 3-4 main ideas I wanted to cover, then I broke those down into specific segments. These specific segments became the chapters. Once this was done, I broke down these segments into actionable, writable chunks. This made it easy to look at one of these chunks each time I sat down to write and just begin writing. Before, I started using this style, I would sit down and write and just stare at a blank screen while I tried to figure out what to write. I then took all the chunks and strung them together in a coherent manner. Voila- a book!

What desk workout or technique is your favorite from the book?

I did find it ironic that I was writing a book about movement at your desk, and while I was writing this book I was sitting at my desk more than I ever had! So, by far my favorite workouts in the book are my WellSpell workouts, they were the perfect release for me and my computer posture!

What advice would you like to share with your readers who want to increase their daily movement, energy, and productivity?

The best advice I have for people who feel they are suffering from sitting too much throughout the day is to set up a timer on your phone to just get up every 30 minutes and just walk around for 2-3 minutes. While I outline specific movement routines in my book, all it really takes is just getting up from your desk and moving! A sneaky side effect of setting your alarm every 30 minutes is that you will probably be more productive at work by staying laser-focused for 30 minutes and then allowing yourself a break to get away from your work for a couple minutes.

Do you have any plans to publish more books?

I do plan on writing another book, I enjoyed the process. I am not sure what that book is going to be yet though.

Where can people keep up with you?

You can keep up with me on Instagram at @workdaywarriors, follow me on Facebook at Workday Warriors and check out my website at www.workdaywarriors.com

Wendy Narby

For our next featured author, we have Wendy Narby and her guide, ‘The Drinking Woman’s Diet.’

Residing in France, Wendy wrote this book after giving tips on a wine tour. As a guide to great French wine, the book focuses on health and wellness while enjoying wine. Specifically focused at women’s dietary well-being, Wendy assures us that the eating and exercise tips apply to men as well!

So if you enjoy great wine, The Drinking Woman’s Diet is a great way to balance great taste and health.

The Drinking Woman’s Diet by Wendy Narby

Do you love your wine but worry about your health and weight? This book is crammed full of ideas, advice from specialists, and tried and tested recommendations to help maintain your health without giving up your love of wine and fine food.

The book addresses these serious issues in a light-hearted way, through a lens of living in France and with a nod to how ‘French Women do it’. This is not so much a simple diet book as a fascinating lifestyle guide.

Read the full transcript from wendy narby

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a wine educator and guide, British born but based in the Wine region of Bordeaux in south West France

Any fun facts you’d like your readers to know about you?

I came to France  to study for one year in Paris and I’m still here 30 years later

What inspired you to publish this book?

After a week’s wine tour eating and drinking our way around Bordeaux I was asked by a client for some tips on how to state fit despite eating and drinking for a living. I shared a few of my tricks, she said I should write them down and that lead to the Drinking Woman’s Diet.

Tell us about the creation process And the self-publishing process of this book.

I wanted the cover to include the two themes of wine and health, which I hope it does. The organisation of the chapters was more complicated. As well as diet, supplements and exercise recommendations some of the book’s message is less but better and really enjoying the wines you drink.

What is one piece of advice or trick you’ve learned that you’d like to share with your readers who are trying to balance drinking wine with a healthy lifestyle?

Pay attention to what you are drinking, taking time to taste the wine, be like the French and drink with food rather than on an empty stomach and drink plenty of water.  

Anything you’d like to share with your readers about wine tasting or wine tours?   

On how to survive a wine toue I recommend not eating the bread – French bread is so delicious and tempting and it’s always on the table when you sit down  starving after a morning’s tasting – resist! Also eat breakfast to make sure you have a full tummy before tasting and perhaps a brisk walk through the vines before breakfast. I’m a wine educator so I’m probably biased, but I coming on a wine tour increases your wine knowledge and appreciation so makes you pay more attention to the wine you are drinking.  

Do you have any plans to publish more books?

I have already published a guide to Bordeaux called Bordeaux Bootcamp and now I’m looking at a book about the history of Women wine makers in Bordeaux. Bordeaux has a reputation of being old fashioned and dominate by man – but that’s not the case there are many wonderful stories of women in Bordeaux both modern and historical so I would love to share them.

Where can people keep up with you?

I’m on Twitter @insidertasting and Instagram as @wendynarby and @Drinkingwomensdiet and Facebook at Insider Tasting and Drinking Womans diet

Here’s our resident social media expert featuring The Drinking Woman’s Diet on Facebook Live:

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