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Spring is upon us! Flowers are blooming, the grass is growing, and birds are doing…whatever it is birds do. And what are you doing? Well, I have to assume you’re working on your short story for Lulu’s $5k for 5k writing contest!

That’s right. Starting today we’re accepting entries into our contest with a grand prize of $5,000 USD! Keep reading to learn more.

No Foolsies

This is 100%, not an April Fools joke. Everyone at the Lulu office has loved reading the submitted works for our past contests, like our Halloween Share Your Scare series. We want more.

So, after much cajoling and deal-making, we convinced our bosses to authorize us to run a bigger contest. Something with a great top prize that would really push authors to create something amazing. That led us to today and this contest!

The Details

Alright, first off, the contest home page is here and includes everything you need to submit your work:

We decided on the theme ‘Crossing Borders’ for this contest to help guide our authors in creating something unique and fresh that still gives you the space to flex your authoring muscles.

Here is the official contest statement about the theme:

Borders. Boundaries. Limits. Life is a continual process of crossing borders and discovering something new. Tell us stories about overcoming obstacles; of physical, spiritual, and emotional change and growth.

Lulu’s $5k for 5k contest seeks original works of fiction and non-fiction that center on the theme “Crossing Borders.” Entries should clearly tie to the ideas of change and transition with an emphasis on crossing borders.

Now, I know how daunting it can be to write a fresh story for a contest, but with a $5,000 top prize, we wanted to make sure we’re really testing the limits. And of course we’ve got lots of resources to help you craft that amazing story:

And the Winner is…

The contest runs through the end of June, giving everyone loads of time to write and review their story. Once the contest officially closes, we’ll review the stories and select a shortlist from among all the entries.

Every story that lands on the shortlist will be included in our Crossing Borders anthology later this year and will receive one (1) free of the printed anthology. I bet we’ll throw in some sweet Lulu swag too.

Plus we’ll pass the shortlist on to a panel of judges to read and review. The panel includes bookstore owners, literary professors, and established authors from the North Carolina area and beyond. Our judging panel will select one (1) grand prize winner to receive $5,000 and an invite to Bookcon 2020 in New York City!

Get writing!

What are you waiting for? There’s no entry fee so you’ve got nothing to lose! We’re waiting for you to send us that amazing story!

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    1. Hi Janie,

      Yes they have! We’ll be announcing the shortlist later today. Everyone on the list will get an email from us and we’ll update to display the shortlisted authors and titles.

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