8 Books to Make Every Day Earth Day

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Earth Month is drawing to a close. But is a single day or month dedicated to the earth enough? We do live here every day.

We should always celebrate Mother Nature and strive to preserve our planet. Why not?

Earth Month might be over, but we’ve got some great books about greening up your environment, being a great community member and using the resources we all share wisely. With this reading list, you can keep the earth month spirit alive all year long!

Gulf Coast Gardening By Randy Lemmon

Randy Lemmon is the host of Houston’s GardenLine radio program, on Newsradio 740 KTRH. Over 1.4 million Houstonians garden for a hobby or pastime, and GardenLine is where they listen for advice and information on gardening and landscaping. Every Saturday and Sunday 6 a.m.-10 a.m., (on line at http://www.ktrh.com) GardenLine’s Randy Lemmon answers listeners’ questions on everything from aphids to zoysias. He’s Houston’s absolute expert on lawns and gardens, offering help to listeners both with and without “green thumbs.”

Simple Solar Homesteading By LaMar Alexander H.E.S.

This book is for anyone thinking about or already living off-grid that wants to learn how to build simple solar projects to make life easier. Includes 15 plans with many pictures, drawings and material list.

Learn to build: a solar cabin, solar composting toilet, solar water heater, solar food dehydrator, rainwater harvesting system, root/storm cellar, drill a water well and more…

Create a Comic Project: Climate Change By John Baird

For those who want a way to teach kids about climate change that isn’t just solid blocks of text, this comic is for you! It presents all of the important details about climate change (greenhouse gases, models, recent discoveries) and allows kids to create their own stories about the phenomenon! This interactive comic is a perfect learning tool, featuring brilliant art from Ryan Estrada and written by John Baird.

Is It Climate Change Yet? By Thomas Baehr

Thomas Baehr created the strip POLE in 2005. In the same year the New York Press published it for the first time. Since then, the penguins appeared in newspapers, magazines, books, and the internet in the USA and in Europe. “Combining existential dread with cute gags, Thomas Baehr’s beautifully drawn penguins are somehow both pessimistic about our ability to stave off climate change and cheekily endearing. It may be dark, but these penguins are whistling.”

A Seasonal Gardener’s Handbook By Donna L. Long

Learn these successful gardening concepts Learn how to use the natural warming and cooling of the Earth to plant at the optimal times. Learn the simple ingredients to great compost inspired by Earth’s natural processes. Learn why plant origins are important to their success in your garden.  Learn to understand the timing of planting and why cool season crops planted at the wrong time, fail. And finally, learn how to find the information that helps you to understand the land, soil, climate, and weather where you garden.

Making the Green Grade: Sustainability 101 for Classrooms By Strategic Sustainability Consulting

This book, Making the Green Grade, is designed to help guide your K-12 classroom on a path to sustainability. Its three sections work together to form a comprehensive resource for teachers-—from simple steps for energy efficiency and water conservation to collaboration with students and their families.

Sustainable Agriculture By Keith Mikkelson

This is a full color version of my book on Natural Farming for Sustainable Agriculture in the Tropics.

Balanced Beekeeping I: Building a Top Bar Hive By Philip Chandler

Top bar beekeeping really is ‘beekeeping for everyone’ – including people with mobility problems, bad backs, or a general reluctance to lift boxes: there is no heavy lifting once your hive is in place, as honey is harvested by the comb rather than by the box.

Top bar hives are good for bees, good for the beekeeper and good for the environment.

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