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5 Ways You Can Use Self-Publishing To Teach Online

What an exciting ride 2020 has been thus far! On the bright side of things, pollution is down, reading is up, and Lulu is here to help teachers everywhere with online and remote learning!

We’re all getting used to the new normal that is self-quarantining, and most of us can use all the help we can get staying motivated and productive. Now imagine if you were in charge of keeping a whole class motivated and productive. That just got 100x harder. At least. 

Never fear! At Lulu, we’ve got five ideas to help with your online teaching regime to keep your class on track. Welcome your students back to school as published authors with these great projects!


Having a hard time coming up with ways to keep everyone connected whilst social distancing? Having your students work on an anthology can be a great way to build camaraderie and keep the creative juices flowing while at home. Assign a theme (or let students pick their own!), essay length and due date and combine all of the submissions into a paperback book. Bonus points to the student who designs the cover!

Another angle would be to create daily or weekly writing prompts to keep your students engaged and excited to write each week. These could be reflections on current events, summaries of lectures, or even a game. Create an updated version of Telephone where you tell one student a theme, they write a paragraph then pass it along to the next student without telling them what the theme is. See where you end up once everyone has contributed to the project.

Daily Journal

The times we’re living in right now can be anxiety provoking, to say the least. Help your students stay grounded and mindful by encouraging a daily journaling habit. Create a sense of ownership by encouraging the students to create their own blank journals to keep their thoughts in. Or, at the end of the assignment, invite them to print a copy of their journal for themselves as a reflection of their thoughts and feelings during these interesting times.

Publish ebooks of your Work Plans/content

If you have content laying around that would be useful for your students (or their parents!), create an ebook they can download to stay on track while at home.

Ebooks are great because you can put one together quickly and easily from a Word DOCX and make it simple to share. You can even offer them for free with Lulu so your students can download them easily from a single web-link. And best of all, updating an ebook is equally simple, so you can reuse that ebook for next semester.

If you’re not sure where to start, lesson plans, power points, blogs and articles are all great resources for downloadable content.

Photography Project

Being stuck at home can get old fast, but changing the way you look at the world around you can be a quick remedy. A photography project can be just the thing to create new perspectives. An A to Z photo project is a great way to see the familiar in a new way. Students have to find and photograph something that represents each letter of the alphabet, or a word that starts with that letter. Another idea is a photography scavenger hunt. Have students submit lists of things to find and photograph, and pick one a day to see who can take the most creative photo.

Or what about all of those delicious dishes we’re making in quarantine? See who can take the most enticing photos of their quarantine cuisine!

At the end of the photo study, your students have everything they need to create a beautiful photo book. Or, let them vote on the best submissions and create a class anthology as a keepsake. 

Lulu Junior book-making kits

If you’re looking for project-based learning, our Lulu Junior book-making kits are a great option! The kits come with everything your young authors need to create their very own hardcover or comic book. These book-making kits are fun for students and parents and foster a love of reading and writing while igniting imaginations and creativity! 


While we know your students need support, you do, too! Here are a few Lulu favorites if you’re in need of some extra distraction, hobbies or humor:

Gratitude Journal

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Self Care Journal

An illustrated book jam-packed with self care-related journal prompts and activities.

Self Care Journal

Legendary Ladies of Wrestling

LEGENDARY LADIES OF WRESTLING PHOTO ALBUM presents historic material from the vast photo archives of Wrestling Revue Magazine and Pro Wrestling Enterprises. We have culled our files to bring you nearly 100 full page images of the female grapplers of the “Golden Age.” These ladies not only had style and class, they had athletic ability, and proved it night in and night out. This book contains no text, only photos of the talented and memorable maidens of the mat.

Legendary Ladies of Wrestling Photo Album

Or check out these awesome books from some of our Shopify authors:

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