Email Marketing: 8 ways to blast your strategy to the next level

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Email marketing is the most important element of your holistic marketing plan. It’s just that simple. Be present on social media. Create engaging videos. Write amazing blogs. Each has a place in your marketing strategy. But none have the reach of email marketing.

Did you know studies show that email has the highest return on investment (ROI) of any marketing channel? Not only that, the margin by which email takes that crown is massive. As of a June 2016 study, email enjoys a 122% ROI while social media is at 28%. Put in simple terms, for every $1.00 you spend on social media advertising, you earn about $0.28. For email, that ratio would be $1.00 spent for every $1.22 earned!

So how do you step up your marketing game to sell more books and connect with more readers?

The privilege of the inbox

Email marketing is a unique proposition for the marketer (or authorpreneur if you like made-up words). Anyone searching the web can find your social media, video, and author website. Having access to someone’s inbox is a privilege. That person has found you online and decided (based on your content) to give you their email address.

That’s a huge offering! You can directly send this person whatever you want!

Well, within reason.

That’s where smart campaigns and long-term strategies are important. Your emails are the most personal piece of marketing you’ll ever create. While sites like MailChimp like to tell you how easy creating and sending emails are, they don’t talk about how to make good emails. And that’s exactly what you need to do.

That in mind, I’ll step aside and let this amazing infographic takeover.

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8 Email Marketing Tips for great emails

I get burnt out making bullet lists all day. I bet you get burnt out reading another list of tips and tricks. Well, there’s only so much I can do. At the very least, we helped you with this list that’s nice to look at. And these tips are valuable, so even if you’ve reached maximum-list-reading for the day, here’s one worth saving for tomorrow.


9 thoughts on “Email Marketing: 8 ways to blast your strategy to the next level”

  1. I like images. great advice! Thank you. Will be useful for my marketing campaign on

  2. Great info!!! I honestly have not be taking advantage of email marketing. Thanks will change somethings up for June

  3. Great advice. I have been trying to get marketing suggestions on selling my first ‘real’ novel but have not had much luck. Social Media can only do so much and many of my potential readers don’t do Social Media.

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