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9/11 National Day of Service

While we honor the loved ones that were injured and killed in the September 11th attacks, we also celebrate the renewed sense of community spirit by participating in The 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance.

Team Lulu spent the day with a local volunteer organization, Activate Good, to partner with The Carying Place, a nonprofit that serves homeless families by providing rent-free furnished apartment homes. They also match families with support partners who teach financial literacy, how to maintain a job, and find permanent, affordable housing over the course of 16 weeks.

Lulu volunteers assisted in landscape maintenance at the transitional rental properties. Armed with an arsenal of gardening gear, we descended upon the properties and got to work.

Pictures from the 9/11 day of service

Paul from Lulu Marketing edged the walkways and raked the first fallen leaves of autumn. Our brave Arwen of Customer Voice immediately found a cluster of poison ivy. She eradicated the plant by skillfully plucking it with a pair garden sheers and cautious respect. I pulled weeds from the garden beds and re-homed a few rogue decorative plants. Together, we unearthed a brick walkway that was blanketed with a layer of dirt and weeds.

We were pleased to meet a few of the tenants at the second property. One woman pointed out a tomato plant she rescued from the side of the road. “It wasn’t supposed to make it,” she said. Now, it’s laden with giant green orbs almost ready to pick.

Setting down roots

People, like plants, require care and stability to set roots for growth. The Carying Place provides this support to their program participants. Upon graduation, client families are empowered with technical and emotional support to sustain their long-term self-sufficiency.

Every one of these families has a story that brought them to The Carying Place, and thanks to the community assistance. Here at Lulu, we feel telling that story is integral to fostering a strong community, built on each of our individual experiences.

Tell us the story about your participation in the September 11th National Day of Service and Remembrance.

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