A Letter From Lulu President Kathy Hensgen

To Our Valued Lulu Family of Creators,

I want to extend my sincere apologies to those of you who have experienced issues resulting from our new site release over the last 48 hours. All of us at Lulu appreciate your patience as we work through these issues. We know that, for some of you, this is a big disruption in your life and we can’t apologize enough for that. We value each and every one of our creators and understand the trust you put in us when you upload your content to our platform, which is what makes this situation even more urgent for us all.

A few things to note:

  • About 18-20% of users are still having issues logging into their accounts. This is our top priority bug and we’re very close to a fix for this one. We will share updates on an estimated timeline and solutions as soon as the information becomes available.
  • The massive migration of projects and account information – including sales and revenue data – is taking longer than initially anticipated. If you are still missing data, rest assured that your books and your account information are all still saved and will be available as soon as possible.
  • Sales have remained steady as we continue to migrate the last of the books into the new bookstore. Over 95% of books are available for purchase. We should reach 100% by Tuesday morning.
  • Spotlight pages are now available and your spotlight URLs should all be working again. 

We will continue to post updates as frequently as possible.

This update was the largest we’ve ever done and like any technical endeavor of this size, there are often complications that can’t be anticipated. Despite our careful preparation, a couple of these issues have gotten the best of us right now. We have been working around the clock to fix any outstanding bugs and answer the inquiries submitted to our support team. I’m confident that we can make it right for each of you and I remain excited to share the version of our platform we’ve been building towards for years.

Kathy Hensgen
President & COO

Team Lulu

Since 2002, Lulu has powered the knowledge-sharing economy by enabling creators in more than 225 countries and territories to publish over 2 million books. Lulu’s industry-leading tools and global network of print facilities provide creators with the resources to succeed on their terms.

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