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Author Anita Riley: Pints, Publishing and Pink Boots

A few months ago, I received an email from a friend asking if I had time to talk to someone about publishing a book. I always enjoy talking with authors and there was the promise of a free pint, so how could I refuse? A few nights later, on possibly the coldest night of the year, I met Anita Riley. She told me about her project highlighting women in the North Carolina brewing industry. Her book would include home brewing recipes contributed by the women featured in the book. I was intrigued.

Mystery Brewing: Where the magic happens

Anita Riley had a lot of questions

  • She asked me about the cost of publishing. I told her it was free for DIY authors.
  • She asked about minimum print runs. I told her about print-on-demand and that we could print one or 1 million books.
  • She asked about manufacturing costs. We talked about paper quality, distribution options, and binding types.
  • She asked about manufacturing times. I told her that the books would print in 3-5 business days.

Anita needed the books printed and delivered for a fundraising event scheduled in March. She would launch the book at the event and all proceeds would go to the Pink Boots Society to fund scholarships to help women advance their careers in the brewing industry.

Another pint (or two) and we had a plan.

Fast forward a month or so and I received an email from Anita. She was published!

After a few edits, she was ready to place an order. The books arrived on time and the event was a huge success.

Last week, we visited Anita at Mystery Brewing. She took some time from her busy morning to talk to us about her book Brewing Ambition, the Pink Boots Society, and her Lulu publishing experience.

Brewing Ambition: Recipes & Stories from the Women of North Carolina Craft Beer

Homebrew recipes by the women of North Carolina’s Craft Beer Industry and the stories behind them. Proceeds from the sale of this book benefit The Pink Boots Society’s scholarship fund, which seeks to assist, encourage, and inspire women in the beer industry to further their careers through education.

Brewing Ambition : Recipes & Stories From The Women Of North Carolina Craft Beer


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