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Author Interview with Edie Summers [Video]

Lulu author Edie Summers has more than a decade of experience in health and wellness. Her book draws from personal experiences to highlight the benefits of mindful living in conjunction with more traditional health care options.

Using self-publishing to ensure she has control over her work, Edie is a great example of the kind of author Lulu appeals too. She is driven, motivated, and has a mission for her work beyond just selling her book.

Recently, Lulu sat down with Edie to hear how she approached self-publishing her memoir, and what mattered most to her in finding a company to work with her on this project.

Get to Know Edie Summers

The Memory of Health

What is your journey to well-being? Do you suffer from health issues or a chronic condition? Do you have chronic fatigue? Is stress affecting your well-being? Do you have a chronic condition and you are seeking answers? “The Memory of Health” is a memoir and a guide to living well. It is also a resource on lifestyle medicine. What makes you thrive, even in the face of great odds? What makes you come alive?

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