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World Diabetes Day

%%title%% %%sep%% For millions living with Diabetes, every meal is a challenge. But thanks to self-publishing, diet choices abound!

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What makes a book a good read?

What makes for a good read? It’s not just about popularity or acclaim. A great book is one that captures and holds your interest from start to finish.

Get to Know and Love your Audience

If you want to reach new readers, you first have to know and understand the audience your book speaks too, the genre you’re in, and where people shop.

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Meet NaNoWriMo Accelerator Authors

Meet five Lulu authors as part of our Accelerator Authors program, coinciding with this year’s NaNoWriMo event; helping authors start and finish their book.

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3 ways you can Sell More Books

Selling more books is always the goal. Right? So how do you do it? There’s the challenge. Today we have 3 simple steps to help increase sales.

Helix Reviews

Helix Review Author Round Up

A round up of the things our first 20 authors had to say about using the Helix Review Service for their book

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