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Helix Review: Harley White

The next author in our series on the Helix Review interviews Harly White, a biography and memoir writer who also writes poetry, songs, stories, short and long, and works based on fairy tales. Her latest book, The Autobiography of a Granada Cat: As told to Harley White, White weaves the tale (no pun intended) of a stray cat inhabiting the steep winding, cobbled streets of the Albayzín, Granada. When an American expatriate couple adopts her, life events, art, history, vivid imagery and deep heart-felt experiences ensue. The book is marvelously laid out for the reader to soak in, feel, suffer, and enjoy through her experiences.

The Autobiography of a Granada Cat

The Autobiography of a Granada Cat by Harley White

The Autobiography of a Granada Cat: As told to Harley White “They call me Mama-cat and I answer to it, so I suppose that is my name, though it wasn’t always. I was born in Andalusia, southern Spain, in Granada, an area that is hot in summer and cold in winter.” So begins the picaresque, picturesque tale, true in the telling by its feline protagonist. Her lodging had been the street, along with all its dangers and discomforts, in magical Granada, whose charms were not entirely lost on this resourceful feline, even when in the throes of her own troubles. She describes the old city on the hill, with its labyrinth of narrow winding lanes, often sinister in their twists and turns, the Albaicín’s spectacular vistas and crumbling old-style Arabic abodes, full of tourists and passers-by, thieves and outcasts, bohemians, donkeys, dogs, etc. Many original photos and illustrations accompany the text, putting the reader into the picture as the yarn unfolds. A “Must Read” for all cat and great literature lovers

White originally used the Helix review to put her writing to the test.  She notes that she is very confident in the work she puts out, “I have complete faith in this my book and am willing to go to any length to ascertain this is, in fact, true.” After completing the review White noted that she learned some very interesting things about the book and her writing style that would, “help any writer.”

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The Autobiography of a Granada Cat: As told to Harley White

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