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Helix Review: Abdul Karim Musaliar

Abdul Karim Musaliar, author of the crime novel, “The Transgressions of Achan Kunju” recently used the Helix Review to gain further insight into his particular writing style and how his book compared to others within his selected genre.  Here is what he had to say about using the Helix Review.

The Transgressions of Achan Kunju

Then he saw a great fire, like the conflagration of Hell. In the glow of the blaze, he saw Him, the Lord Himself. He was certain that it was the Apocalypse. The Lord said unto him, “Jacob, you have violated all My Commandments. So you shall be punished with everlasting destruction.”

The Transgressions of Achan Kunju

Tell us a bit about your book

The book is about the son of a priest who is born in India but then goes to Provo, Utah to join a sect. He is transformed as orator. The sect makes him a preacher and sends him to his native land.  There he marries and has two daughters and that’s where the story takes a drastic turn involving adultery, the mafia, and many other criminal transgressions.

How would you describe the writing style of the book?

The narrative style I have is used is autobiographical with the protagonist bring a former classmate of mine. The narration is interspersed with autobiographical sketches.

Why did you decide to submit your book for the Helix Review?

I needed to know the quality of my writing.

How are you going to use what you learned?

Now that I know something about motion, density, dialog, description, and pacing, I can incorporate the same in my writing.

What would you tell someone considering trying Helix?

It has opened my eyes on my weaknesses. I would certainly recommend it to potential writers.

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