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Helix Review: Cristina Archer

As part of our ongoing series on the Helix Review and how authors are using the tool to analyze their work, we recently interviewed Cristina Archer, author of The Recidivist, a speculative fantasy fiction book that is an exploration of religious, moral, and political ethics throughout history, and across alternative worlds.

The Recidivist

The Recidivist is an exploration of religious, moral and political ethics throughout history and mythology, and across alternative worlds. This story gets up close and personal with historical characters, the result being a unique re-imagining of ancient myths and legends.

The Recidivist

How would you describe yourself as an author?

I have long been fascinated by philosophy especially ethics, and have been writing fiction in my spare time since I was a teenager. I write speculative and fantasy fiction as these genres offer wide scope to explore many a “what if” question.

Why did you decide to try Helix?

I wanted to be more precise about where my style of writing fitted in the general market so assist me with pitching the book to agents and publishers.

What were you able to learn from the Helix Review

I learned that, while the ideas were comparable to books I had been comparing my work to, my actual style was quite different to those books. Correcting this misunderstanding has been very useful. I now have a better understanding of the most likely target audience for my work.

How do you plan to use the Helix information?

The Helix review has assisted me in tailoring my pitches to prospective agents.

What would you tell someone considering trying Helix?

It is a valuable service for improving the design of a marketing strategy for your work.

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