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Helix Review: Kay Gossage

As a part of our ongoing series looking at self-published writers who have used Helix Review, we interviewed Lulu author Kay Gossage, who wrote the fantasy fiction novel: The Sword Of Ages: The Tallah Trilogy. Helix, powered by The Book Genome project, basically allows authors to upload a manuscript and receive an incredibly in-depth analysis of the book.

The Sword of Ages: The Tallah Trilogy: Book One

Stories of valiant heroes are forgotten as they pass to grandiose legends, finally fading away to unimaginable myths. This is the telling of one heroic cycle. When myths and legends are reborn. A time heroes are born as they battle against living myths form the grave…Reaching up into the burning fire, Ridge plucks the Sword of Ages from its resting place, calling upon its power again after 300 years of sleep, sealing his destiny and bringing in a new cycle of heroes. Heroes are born. Destinies fulfilled. Truths revealed. The story will be told, then forgotten as the heroes too will pass to legend and myth as the next cycle begins.

The Sword of Ages: The Tallah Trilogy: Book One

Tell us a bit about The Sword of Ages

This is a telling of one heroic cycle. When myths and legends are reborn. A time heroes and born as they battle against living myths from the grave. The evil Warlock Lord has reemerged out from the darkness of the past. His reign of fear and shadow long forgotten in his absence over the long years. The Princess Katar of Tallah is loved by all. She is kind-hearted and very beautiful. She is captured by the Warlock Lord to be his bride, thus setting in motion her path to destiny, and the young handsome knight Ridge’s as well. In the castle of the Warlock Lord, Katar acquires knowledge that will drive her to set off on her journey to her final destiny. It is one she never imagined or wanted. Ridge is called by fate as well and he sets out to rescue Katar. Along the way, Delwin the Knight Master meets young Ridge and takes him to claim the mythical Sword of Ages. It is only yielding this legendary sword can one beat the Warlock Lord. Wilax joins the men and they set forth to rescue the princess. Along the way friendship is found, respect earned, battles won and lost and truths revealed. In the end, Ridge and the Warlock Lord battle and …

How would you describe your writing style?

I start with an idea and write a short form of the story, as complete or incomplete as I can in this first idea creating process. From there then I fill in the blanks and see where it goes. The Tallah Trilogy was a dream I had while pregnant with my first two children. Each book continuing from the previous. I generally write for the younger reader (middle school aged) but the books can be enjoyed by all ages.  I try to be descriptive and use dialogue to get points across versus narration.  I cannot say I have any one particular style of writing as I allow the story to form and take me along where it goes.

Why did you decide to try Helix?

I was interested in how my book ‘The Sword Of Ages’ flowed and compared to others in the Fantasy genera. I also wanted to see areas where my book excelled as well where I could improve my writing and promotion attempts.

What were you able to learn from the Helix Review?

The Helix Review of my book ‘The Sword Of Ages’ showed me words, concepts, and ideas unique to my book as well as my books strengths and weaknesses. The Helix Review provided me with several books comparable to mine and allowed me to see not only how it compares to these other books but in several specific areas.

How do you plan to use the Helix information?

To hopefully become a better writer by strengthening the areas that scored lower in my future writing, creating a better and more enjoyable experience for both my readers and myself.

What would you tell someone considering trying Helix?

I was not certain at first about the Helix Review but after ordering was happy with the overall results. For the price, it was a great way to get feedback that can help me understand my book and how it fits into the general and alongside other books.  I can also take the feedback and apply it to my future writing to create better and more full enjoyable creations.


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