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Best Gifts 2016: Create a Custom Coloring Book

Custom coloring books are among this year’s hottest quirky trends. When I first wrote about them, I truly thought adult coloring would be a quickly passing fad. Boy was I wrong. Apparently. the relaxing pastime is just what we all need to take our minds off the everyday stresses of our adult lives.

Custom coloring book themes trend towards imagery such as mandalas, stained glass windows. and other complex patterns. They are, in themselves, works of art.

I hear you thinking, “The title says it’s easy. With the holidays quickly approaching, who has time to plan, draw, and publish a coloring book? I’m not an artist.”

Well, my darling, you do and you are – with a little help from technology.

A search of the app store returns several free and inexpensive apps that will convert your photos to line drawings. There are also several tutorials on YouTube for converting images into line drawings using PhotoShop. Check out these examples created with the free version of QuickSketch.

Image converted using the free version of the QuickSketch App.
Myanmar 2015
Myanmar 2015

To Create Custom Coloring Books:

  • For best results, convert pictures to line drawings at their original sizes.
  • If you are using an app, save the converted images to your phone, email them to yourself and save them to your computer.
  • Insert the images into an MS Word file.
  • Resize the images to fit the page.
  • Insert captions if desired.
  • Save the manuscript.

With these apps and the free online tools at Lulu, you can create coloring books using the images from your summer vacation, weddings, baby’s first year, your favorite dining out adventures, local sights, nights out with your friends, or any other theme. Can you imagine a better gift than a coloring book starring you, your friends, and the things you love best?

Color me surprised! QuickSketch also allows to you take photos as line drawings.
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  1. Adult colouring in books is the rave – my good lady is addicted and now has me interested – and very excited.

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