Better Than Yesterday is content created by Lulu employees and friends of Lulu Press to highlight our social mission. We write and share this content to give a glimpse into the people behind Lulu’s print-on-demand and self-publishing platform, the work we do outside the office, the passions that drive us, and the unifying desire to be better, one day at a time.

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Sharing Pride And Inclusivity

Join Erin from Lulu for interviews with two members of the local LGBTQ+ community covering the challenges of building inclusive workplaces.

Finding Rhythm With Eugene Taylor

Eugene Taylor, known as the Drum Prophet, visited Lulu’s office to share his unique kind of music and engaging storytelling.

Celebrating Juneteenth: This Year and Every Year

Juneteenth is an important and often overlooked part of our history. Take a deeper look at the day, the history, and why Juneteenth is still important today.

It’s Probably Not “Just a Phase”

Join Matt, the VP of Marketing & Communication, and learn about his experience parenting a transgender teen as part of our Pride series.

Lunch & Learn: Steve Pemberton

Team Lulu was lucky enough to have Steve Pemberton share his story with us during one of our monthly Lunch & Learns.

AAPI Heritage Month Reader’s Guide

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month is an opportunity to learn more about an important part of America’s history and culture.

Creating a Positive Work Environment

Learn about the ways Lulu is adapting to a changing work environment while taking steps to make Lulu the best place in the world to work!

Lulu Sustainability: No More Disposable Plastic

Team Lulu is in a new office and we’re preparing for more sustainable, environmentally friendly workdays ahead! To start: no more disposable plastics!

Sustainability In Self-Publishing

From the paper to the ink to the transportation and storage; book-making impacts our planet. But print-on-demand can reduce that impact.

Your Story Is Worth Telling

Meet Brit Lashae; a writer and entrepreneur who’s journey of self-discovery and healing is an inspiration to all.

Women’s History Month Reader’s Guide

March is Women’s History Month! To celebrate, here’s a reading list of amazing female authors, educators, and creators for your to-read list.

The Power Of Inclusion: Lulu’s Core Values

Lulu’s People Team shares our core values that guide us, during Black History Month as we highlight marginalized voices and all year long.

Lulu Visits Food Bank CENC In Durham

Join Team Lulu out in the community while we do some work for the local Food Bank, labeling goods and learning about preventing hunger.

Don’t Wait, Do Good Today

Have fun this summer and do good! Get out and find ways to volunteer in your community during the summer months.

Get Your Garden (week) On

June 2-8 is the unofficial Garden Week here in the USA! Celebrate your plants by teaching about gardening, getting out in your community, and sharing your green thumb.

Composting for a Better Office (and World)

Lulu is proud to support CompostNow – a waste diversion service that turns scrape food into compost and provides soil for community gardens!

Thinking in Full Color

Whether it’s due to the heated political climate, growing minority populations or increased overall “wokeness” in America, we’ve recently seen a spike in media looking to increase diversity in the arts, especially in movies, music and TV. But is it enough?

Impact Is Everywhere

As the Backstreet Boys once famously (or never) said; No matter who you are, where you’re from, what you do, impact is around you.

Lulu Takes on Invasive Species

Stay out of our Soil. Team Lulu takes a trip to the North Carolina Museum of Art to wage war against invasive plant species.

Lulu’s Ethical Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season give a gift that does good. Check out some of Lulu’s favorite ethical and sustainable shops for everyone on your list.

Greenwashing – The Scariest Halloween Mask

Sometimes the least assuming costumes are the most frightening. Their innocuous exteriors hide a more sinister truth. Discover how to unmask greenwashing.

5 Ways to Vote for the Environment

As you make your way to the polls this year, think about how your vote can help preserve the environment.

Community Focus: Giving Back to Honor 9/11

Team Lulu participated in Activate Good’s Day of Service, a forward-looking tribute to those impacted by 2001 attacks through kindness and community service.

Get Lit to Stay Woke

Lulu and Larry’s Coffee, two B Corp certified buddies, partnered to create a medium-dark roast coffee blend that benefits the Durham Literacy Center.

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