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Black History Month Featured Author – Dr. Ron Kelley

February is Black History Month; an annual observance started in the USA to bring attention to important historical figures of the African diaspora. This year, Lulu is featuring some self-published authors and their books that touch on issues facing African-Americans.

For our second entry in this series, we’re featuring Dr. Ron Kelley, author of 9 books, including The Black History Guide For Youth, an all-in-one educational tool for students learning about Black history..

The Black History Guide for Youth

The “Black History Guide for Youth” is an all-in-one, educational Black History book for youth in the 5th grade through the 8th grade. Advanced younger readers and even older readers will also enjoy learning about great Black people, places, and events in this incredible history book for youth.

Author Journey

My journey as an author started as a student at the University of Texas in the late 1990’s. I always realized that I had a knack for writing, so I naturally chose English as my college major. I was already working as a young executive in the music industry while in college and that was always my dream career goal. 

I figured that a career in education using my English degree would be a great backup as I advanced through a very unpredictable music industry. Upon graduating from college, I ended up teaching high school classes about the music industry and also taught an English class to remain in touch with my writing roots. 

This unexpected exposure to the world of education totally changed my focus to now wanting to be a school principal. 

A New Direction

Within 3 years, I was a school principal in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas, and managed to produce a high-performing school in my first year as a principal. This led to other schools requesting me to teach them the leadership and curriculum techniques that I was using to raise test scores and academic performance among my students. 

After receiving my Ph.D. from Texas A&M University, I began to pursue this angle and started an education company providing training for school districts and publishing educational materials nationwide. I quickly became one of the top national speakers at many education conferences, which led me to my first book in 2008. 

Since that time, I have released 9 educational books and thoroughly enjoy the writing process! Education is one of my primary research interests along with researching historic fraternal organizations. I enjoy researching some of the organizations that I have been privileged to become a member of over the years, such as: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Prince Hall Freemasonry, Odd Fellows, Elks, Knights of Pythias, and several others.

Self-Publishing My Way

I have always self-published because as a true entrepreneur at heart, I truly enjoy the control aspects of crafting my book “my way” from start to finish. My latest Lulu project is a special book release for Black History Month titled The Black History Guide for Youth

The idea for this book came about as I traveled to speak at schools nationwide, I quickly realized that there was not a comprehensive book in school libraries for middle school-aged children that summarizes all of the many interesting concepts surrounding Black History. 

The book covers all of the key people, places, and things that youth need to know about Black History and African-American culture as a whole. Key Black History figures such as: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., President Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and many others are discussed in an easy-to-read format in the book. 

My company has a strong focus on publishing youth books and plans to release several more dynamic youth books this year. Books such as this one are truly an important part of the education and mentoring process for youth. Parents from all cultures and backgrounds can enjoy reading this book along with their children to get to know about other cultures that they may never have learned extensively about.

Bio: Dr. Ron Kelley 

Find Dr. Kelley on Twitter and Instagram.

Dr. Ron Kelley currently serves as CEO of The National Training and Education Group (NTEG). NTEG is a national education company that provides dynamic training for school districts, universities, and companies. He is a certified Superintendent and is the former principal of two high-performing schools. He has served as an Adjunct Professor at multiple institutions. He also previously worked as an executive in the music industry, working with various platinum recording artists and serving as a member of the Recording Academy which selects the Grammy Awards. He received his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University, his Master’s Degree from Texas State University, and his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Texas at Austin. He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity (The Boulé), currently serves as Grand Chancellor of Texas for the Knights of Pythias, and is a 33rd Degree Mason and Shriner. He has served as President of the Board of Directors of the University of Texas Alumni Association- San Antonio Chapter and was previously appointed to the Texas A&M College of Education Advisory Board. He has published 8 nationally-acclaimed books. He was inducted into the Educators’ Hall of Fame in 2018.

Dr. Ron Kelley

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