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Lulu is a company founded on the premise of inclusivity, a platform with no barrier to entry and one that gives marginalized voices a mechanism to be heard. We have always been proud of the incredible range of diverse content published through Lulu, and look forward to hearing many more voices speak up, speak out, and share their stories in the years to come.

If you’re looking for a great way to amplify Black voices and support Black artists and writers, consider this list of Lulu books, written and published by Black authors.


Work to better understand the life experiences of the Black authors from their own, personal stories. We learn and grow when we listen; and that’s exactly what memoir provides us all. An opportunity to listen and empathize with the stories of another.

Life Whispers

By Nikki Lerner
For author Nikki Lerner, journaling has been a healing, transformative work for her over the last decade. In Life Whispers, she has compiled pieces from her journal for anyone on a journey to thoughtfully connect with their soul. In these pages, readers will feel a meaningful, human connection and be able to find their own story woven into her life’s whispers. Nikki Lerner is an artist, teacher, speaker, author, and culture coach, helping others engage with one another relationally and across culture lines. Her passion is to see people come to an understanding of one another through music and conversation and learn to remain human with each other.

Life Whispers

Praying for a Miracle When It’s Hopeless

By Isabella Milan
 In 2004 and 2005, I had many battles with breast cancer resulting in two mastectomies and reconstruction surgeries. In 2007, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer with metastasis to my brain. Shortly after brain surgery, I was sent away in a wheelchair and a diaper by my husband back to my family in CA, leaving me penniless and hopeless. I have no answers as to why my husband tried abandoning me, divorcing me, and leaving me for dead fighting for my life, and for visitation and custody of my son. I may have lost a few battles along the way. But, thanks to God, I won the war!

Praying for a Miracle When it's Hopeless

Personal Growth

Work to better understand the life experiences of the Black authors from their own, personal stories. We learn and grow when we listen; and that’s exactly what memoir provides us all. An opportunity to listen and empathize with the stories of another.

Legacy Begins with ME

By Siantra CeCe Gray
Legacy is a rich heritage prepared by few but experienced by many. Nestled in this book are core principles that assist women in becoming peculiar trailblazers, who create a prosperous future for generations to come. CeCe inspires you to believe in yourself – regardless of life’s negative experiences – and gives you the confidence needed to move forward with an impactful plan of action.

Legacy Begins With Me

Daddy Issues

By Christian Jackson
Ever wonder how or why your relationships with friends, family, lovers, coworkers, even your children are impacted by your Daddy Issues? Yes, you have them…and believe it: these special set of problems have a very specific way of entangling us in webs so deceitful, it has our heads spinning! Christian Jackson describes this philosophy in detail by giving us a unique diagnosis of the Daddy Issues. She tells us how she was impacted and what to do to ensure the symptoms go into remission. This insightful, funny, emotional ride shares the heart of a woman who stopped fighting the depression, anxiety, and all the things that came with her unresolved junk. She finally figured out what matters as she healed…and she’s here to share the secrets with women across the world on how to walk in grace and kick the stink of Daddy Issues.

Daddy Issues: How To Detangle From The Sins of Our Fathers

Wake Up and Win With Alisha Allen

By Alisha Allen
May I also invite you to join the Winner’s Circle where all we do is win? There is a release of power for each winner that commits to the required mental work for this devotional. I personally guarantee that your life will significantly improve as you join the national movement of winners and “Wake Up & Win”.

Wake up and win with Alisha

Health & Wellness

Adversity can make it difficult to take the time to think about yourself. Staying healthy is critical; that means everything from eating better, exercising, and taking care of yourself inside and out.

Fresh: How to Make Vegetables Taste Good

By Jade Alston
In this cookbook you will find comforting recipes you know and love made 100%% with plants. From Lasagna to Alfredo, these recipes are not only good for you, they TASTE good. by Jade Alston Home Cook Chronic Illness Survivor Natural Wellness Advocate

7 Day Holistic Detox

By Rashidat Owe
This isn’t like any other detox or cleanse on the market. The 7 day detox is an holistic experience! This will be your sacred time for healing and cleansing, and should be seen as a time of regeneration and rejuvenation – it’s a fantastic FRESH start or a ReStart program. It comes with your detox recipes, daily meditation practice, detox yoga pose, daily spiritual practice and more! Now that you have the blueprint to begin creating a holistic lifestyle, you can start as many times as you like!

Mental Health & Hair Care Journal

By Jade Boddie
This journal is to help adults with establishing a healthy hair regimen while also tackling daily mental care needs. Learn how to embrace your natural curls and learn hair care tips to help the hair stay healthy.

Mental Health & Journals

Our health and wellness might focus on our bodies, but being fit and eating well only goes so far. Attention must be paid to our own mental state too. That can mean different things for different people, but we all can benefit from a renewed focus on our mental health.

Coping While Black

By Cedric Norris Jr
This journal is designed for the black activist. The one who fights for the freedom of black souls from a system that has dishonored us for far too long. Equipped with a 14-day devotional, it is formulated to help the activist return to a peaceful balance mentally and emotionally. At the end, you will find three very important exercises to bring even deeper meaning to your activist work. Go forth and conquer my black brothers and sisters. One Love. Black Love.

Coping While Black

A Mother’s Devotional

By Claressa Givens
I became a mother at the age of 18 years old. If I had to explain my feelings at that time, I would say that I was unsure. I was unsure what life would be like for the young life that was growing inside of me. I was unsure of my parental abilities. I was unsure of my career. I was unsure of my relationship. Was I the right person she gave the baby to? Had it been a mistake and I was carrying someone else’s child? My first thought of motherhood was a huge ball of uncertainty.  Can you relate to that mother?  Though I felt unsure, God called me to this test, and I had to answer the call and do what was necessary for this person who now depended on me.

A Mother's Devotional

Keeping Track of Buying Black

The BB Plug – Black Business Marketplace offers a daily planner , Keeping Track of Buying Black , to record and document black owned businesses that you’ve shopped from and to refer back to the book as needed.

Keeping Track of Buying Black

Art & Photography

The art of the Black community has been illustrating history and defining culture for decades. Images and art resonate through the years to remind us where we’ve been and helps to depict how we move forward. Now more than ever, we need art.

The Modern Day Black Alphabet

By Arial Robinson
The Modern Day Black Alphabet is a photo book by Arial Robinson. This book started as a simple photo series to keep Arial occupied while being quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic but now has blossomed into a full book. This book was created to give black children a modern way to learn the alphabet. This book touches on below surface black experiences and gives black children a book, where they are actively represented.

What Makes That Black

By Luana
We all can name some of the Africanist aesthetic-structures that fuel African American and American art … Syncopation, Improvisation, Call and Response, Cool, Polyrhythm, or Innovation as an ambition– But there are many, many more. What Makes That Black? The African-American Aesthetic identifies and defines seventy-four elements of the aesthetic through text and illustration. Using the magnificent camerawork of R.J. Muna, Sharen Bradford, Jae Man Joo, Rachel Neville, James Barry Knox, and more– as they point their cameras at Alonzo King LINES Ballet, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, and jazz artists such as Cécile McLorin Salvant and Wynton Marsalis– a specific artistic consciousness or sensibility visually unfolds. Luana even joins the camera crew as she shoots Oakland Street Graffiti.

Too Much White Space

By Angelica Fields
Too Much White Space: Diversity in Graphic Design, is a community-based project that focuses on inspiring future black generations to become graphic designers.

Art Activism Workbook: Volume 1

By Aaron Maybin
Historically, artists have inspired the change makers of every era – Aaron Maybin is such an artist. Coming of age in a city that was preparing to erupt as he found himself as a man, as a father, and as an artist – his environment helped to help him figure out how to define himself. This is the true meaning of Art Activism and Art Activism: The Workbook- First he found his voice…then he discovered it was a journey others could take with him and still discover themselves. This collection of paintings, sketches, poems, essays, and music are the audio and visual toolbox to this era we are in now.

Fiction & Poetry

Stories from the Black community. Fiction and poetry, as it always has, become the voices that help us all relate to our shared history. Without these stories, we wouldn’t have the vital connections that we all crave.

The Lawyer’s Dilemma

By Lornamarie
DRUG ABUSE. JEALOUSY. KIDNAPPING. RAPE. MURDER. DIVORCE. ADOPTION. MENTAL HEALTH. SELF-HARM. DEPRESSIVE DISORDER. SUICIDE. COVID-19. When Keith, a US prosecuting attorney face the reality that his wife was battling with heroin addiction, prolonged post-natal depressive disorder and attempted suicide through self-harm, he walked out on the marriage leaving their two year old son with her in a vulnerable condition. Teresa was struggling with substance abuse. Her license to practice as a registered nurse was revoked due to substance abuse. Tom was taken away from his mother by the social services. The author featured the plight that some children who are fostered go through during social care.

Someone Like Me

By Sheila Mae
It is the 1960s as Betty Jean Carter harbors a hidden desire to leave her hometown in the Bayou. She not only wants to attend college, but also escape her abusive stepfather and demanding mother. One day when Betty Jean tells her parents she wants to enroll in Howard University, her abusive stepfather and unsupportive mother shun the idea. Confused and hurt, Betty Jean runs away. After Betty Jean hitchhikes to Washington, D.C., she soon realizes she lacks the finances and criteria to be accepted at Howard. With nowhere to live, Betty Jean is embraced by the underground street life. As she delves into a dark world of drugs and prostitution, she must somehow learn to survive. Now torn between her hopes of attending college and her new normal, Betty Jean is propelled down a path she never could have imagined as tragedy waits to emerge from the shadows. In this compelling urban tale, a young woman embarks on a dangerous journey to find independence, realize her dreams, and overcome family secrets.

Someone LIke me

The Birth of All Things

By Marcus Amaker
The Birth of All Things is an eclectic mix of poems from Marcus Amaker, the first Poet Laureate of Charleston, SC. This personal collection delivers poems about a wide range of topics: Life as a new dad, racism in America, Björk, anxiety, Star Wars, masculinity, pandemics, black music, history, and more. Amaker is an award-winning graphic designer, musician, and performance poet. The Birth of All Things is the sum of all of his talents. The book features Amaker’s handwritten poems, and an original illustration from Florida artist Nick Davis. Endorsed by poets Andrea Gibson, Cheryl Boyce-Taylor, Len Lawson, and Andrew Clark.

Books for Teens

The Young Author genre is an explosive success for authors and readers. This collection from Black authors promises the stories of coming of age and unique worlds that mark the best in the YA genre.

Girl In The Shadows

By Aaliyah Taylor
Tori Allen is a preteen who is dealing with her share of bullying. Follow her story as she navigates the hard road of trying to fit in, trying to be the perfect daughter and and learning from some of life‘s toughest lessons. In this story the author Aaliyah Taylor takes you on a wild journey of what it means to be afraid, lonely but most importantly how to persevere.

Girl in The Shadows


by Mpho Lethoba
With so many options and superficial cliches associated with “wokeness” and mental health, it can be overwhelming figuring out where to begin. You know something or things aren’t going as you would like in your life. As a young parent, young professional or mentor, you also yearn to wisely guide those who now depend on you. From one millennial to another, Mpho proves to you that it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s a way to turn it around. Whether you are interested in self-help or not, this book will challenge you to discover your own truths, grow some, live with passion & purpose and help your squad do the same. It’s not your typical self-help book; it is a story of hope and a call to action. It’s the beginning of a great journey for us all.

I Am... #Be The Change

Rogue and Incognito

By Bonnie Synclaire
Teenage twins Harper and Joanna Cambridge don’t know Genesis: their family’s FBI project with a shameful past. In fact, they don’t know their family at all. They only have contact with their mother, who keeps them sheltered and isolated from the outside world. But when the twins’ mother disappears, Harper instantly knows that some things aren’t adding up. She then learns that she and her sister have been kept from the family business of espionage, and the two must uncover a lifetime of secrets to piece together their mother’s sudden vanishment. But finding their mother will come at a cost. And with Joanna’s health condition spiraling downward, the clock is ticking. With the help of a nameless ex-agent and a mysterious girl gone rogue, the twins vow to stop at nothing to protect each other and expose the truth. But their trust in one secretive new ally will teach the Cambridge twins their first lesson the hard way: trust no one.

Children’s Books

It’s never too early to start reading. And what our children read can ripple through the rest of their lives, from education to creativity. These children’s books from Black authors build self-worth and confidence of our next generation with beautifully created books. 

DESTINY With My Two Mommies Who Love Me!

By K. Ron Edwards
This is a short-illustrated work of art following young Destiny during a typical weekend with her Mothers who celebrate the love they have for their daughter. The story represents how her parents promote positive self-imaging and self-esteem through simple words and actions. Since it is said that the relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you’ll have, the Mommies want to feed confident affirmations to uplift their child and to develop an attitude and a spirit of success that become their child’s normal mindset.

Destiny With My Two Mommies Who Love Me

Lorena and the Magic Mocha Mirror

By Valerie Williams-Sanchez
Lorena’s love of Magic Mocha Ice Cream makes her an easy target for body-shaming beach bullies on her family’s annual trip to Grandma Mimi’s beach house. But a trio of mermaids turn the tide and show Lorena that bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Soon, Lorena begins to love her body. In the end, it’s our pint-sized heroine who comes out on top. Lorena is the first girl hero in the Cocoa Kids Collection cast of multicultural characters. She joins brother Eddie (of Eddie and the Hot Cocoa Hot Rod©), Dad and Mom (Auntie from Isaiah and the Chocolate Mountain©) on a family summer adventure none of them will soon forget. The third in the series, this book is the author’s debut as illustrator and includes a special section with kid-friendly paper dolls that represent the three body types: ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph. Readers can cut-out and dress the figurines to see how beautiful every body can be!

Lorena and the Magic Mocha Mirror

Smart Sarah and the Magic of Science

By Jacqueline Sanders-Blackman
Smart Sarah discovers how rainbows, cupcakes and a curiosity about colors lead her to an appreciation for science. Smart Sarah’s family helps nurture her passion which exposes her to various careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and when you add A for Arts it’s referred to as STEAM. Smart Sarah’s story is the first in a series of books that follows her, her siblings and her parents as they show how STEM and STEAM are a part of our world. They impact us all, everyday and that it is important to be aware of it, engage, explore, challenge and even pursue very rewarding careers in a wide variety of industries. Now more than ever STEM and STEAM are full of opportunities and will continue to thrive. Many areas actually have open career opportunities that are going unfilled because there aren’t enough students pursuing them. So this series is to help the whole family become aware of those opportunities while being entertained.

Smart Sarah and the Magic of Science

Coloring Books

Relax with a simple coloring book. The perfect way to be creative without any pressure or stress. Grab one of our coloring books today to enjoy the amazing art and find your own calm while you color!

Girls Who Colored Outside the Lines

By Summer Dawn Reyes
Growing up, we all have heroes — from cartoon characters that remind us of us, to famous people who’ve overcome the same challenges we face. But finding these heroes isn’t easy for everyone, especially young girls of color. That’s why we made Girls Who Colored Outside the Lines, a coloring book featuring groundbreaking women of color. We want to tell a dozen stories and inspire hundreds of girls. By giving young women of color positive role models who look like them, we help them visualize a world where they become heroes, too.

Girls Who Colored Outside The Lines

#BlackArtMatters – Paperback

BlackArtMatters is a multigenerational coloring book that highlights the work of contemporary Black artists, depicts influential Black figures within the arts, and so much more. Half of the proceeds will go to paying the artists who submitted original work for the coloring book, and the other half will be donated to Brave Space Alliance, a Black-led, trans-led LGBT+ center in the South Side of Chicago. Featuring art by Anthony “Coz” Conover, Corinne Salter, Idia Aikhionbare, Juliana Lebron, Kristle Marshall, Leeya Rose Jackson, Lo Harris, Mya Cavner and Sabrina Dorsainvil.

Black Art Matters

Diary of a Creative Black Girl (Vol. 1)

By Jamesha Bazemore

40 page coloring book featuring images dedicated to the beauty of African-American Women.

Diary of a Creative Black Girl

More Resources

The best way to build a better world for everyone is to stay engaged and stay educated. To keep learning about systemic racism and how we can work together to dismantle it, and to keep the conversation going as we move forward, check out this list of books to add to your TBR. To further your support of Black entrepreneurs, consider these lists of Black-owned bookstores to shop from instead of clicking the links to That Other Online Bookstore.

As for our own books, we have always worked hard to find a balance between providing a platform for free speech while curtailing hate, but we know that we can and we must do better. In the coming weeks we will be exploring ways to expand our proactive measures to prevent hateful content from being published or sold on our platform and reinforcing the ability for users to report this content to us.

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