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Lulu is a company founded on the premise of inclusivity, a platform with no barrier to entry and one that gives marginalized voices a mechanism to be heard. We have always been proud of the incredible range of diverse content published through Lulu, and look forward to hearing many more voices speak up, speak out, and share their stories in the years to come.

If you’re looking for a great way to amplify Black voices and support Black artists and writers, consider this list of Lulu books, written and published by Black authors.


Work to better understand the life experiences of the Black authors from their own, personal stories. We learn and grow when we listen; and that’s exactly what memoir provides us all. An opportunity to listen and empathize with the stories of another.

In Search Of The Crown

By Catherine Grace Pop
Powerful, Inspirational, Thought-Provoking are words that describe this moving memoir. Catherine’s courage and resilience throughout this book offer hope and encouragement to those on their own personal journey. —Cathy Hughes, Founder and Chairperson, Radio/TV One Inc. After overcoming a near fatal childhood illness, a 19 year old black college student, Catherine Pope, sets her eyes on the 1969 Miss America Crown. While searching for the crown, she finds herself fighting to fulfill her destiny as she encounters strong reactions from both the black and white communities. Her captivating story spans generations, and takes place in Omaha and small, rural towns in then predominately white Nebraska. You will find yourself enthralled and entangled in her story of love, compassion, disappointments, laughter, tears, murder, sexual assault, demonstrations, riots, and brushes with death. This is a spellbinding, compelling, real life, and universal drama that could have happened anywhere in the United States.

From My Jamaican Gully To The World

By Audrey Wright Peterman
In this riveting book Mrs. Peterman takes us with her on the journey from her beloved gully in her backyard where, as a child she sat for hours watching janga fish at play; to the United States where she and her husband Frank explore the spectacular National Parks and forests and the boardrooms where she strives to help protect their future; to the landmarks of Europe, Africa and Asia and back to the mystic Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park of her native Jamaica.

How My Ancestors Drink Whiskey

By Joi Donaldson
How My Ancestors Drink Whiskey reads as a conversation had in a new home with tales about the old. Joi Donaldson takes us along her journey of self through love, heartbreak, leaving religion, exploration and discovering her connection to her ancestors.

Personal Growth

Work to better understand the life experiences of the Black authors from their own, personal stories. We learn and grow when we listen; and that’s exactly what memoir provides us all. An opportunity to listen and empathize with the stories of another.

You Are Enough

By Rainie Howard
Have you been trapped in a constant cycle of toxic relationships that have you frustrated with your love life? Do you feel fear, insecurity and anxiety that has you asking yourself ‘am I enough?’Bestselling transformative author Rainie Howard is here to tell you that You Are Enough in the powerful book that examines the connection between inner emotional struggle and negative relationships.You Are Enough takes readers on an incredible journey of self-understanding to explore the root causes of negative emotions that are projecting themselves into their outside relationships. The concept that the fear of never finding true love and consistently trying to please others are major factors in engaging in toxic relationships. By addressing the fear and anxiety you feel inside, Rainie helps you discover your true self-worth, which is sure to change your life!As you turn every page of You Are Enough, you will be closer to reaching freedom through acceptance, opening the doors for amazing new relationships

Dear Broke Black Girl

By Tanesha Barnes
Dear Broke Black Girl by Tanesha Barnes is a poetic novel that tells the story and provides open letters to women who experience(d) emotional, financial, relational/social, and institutionalized brokenness. Sharing stories of experiences and personal triumph has the potential to give hope, to inspire, and to help change lives

Breathe Big Live Big

By Tracye Warfield
Breathe Big Live Big is a self-help book for people who are ready to start, or restart, rocking the Awesome Life of their dreams right now! In this how-to guide, inspiration expert and wellness industry leader Tracye Warfield offers 22 advice-filled chapters with her funny, at times poignant, inspiring real-life stories, tips, exercises, and takeaways on how to show up big and bold to each moment.

Health & Wellness

Adversity can make it difficult to take the time to think about yourself. Staying healthy is critical; that means everything from eating better, exercising, and taking care of yourself inside and out.

Fresh: How to Make Vegetables Taste Good

By Jade Alston
In this cookbook you will find comforting recipes you know and love made 100%% with plants. From Lasagna to Alfredo, these recipes are not only good for you, they TASTE good. by Jade Alston Home Cook Chronic Illness Survivor Natural Wellness Advocate

7 Day Holistic Detox

By Rashidat Owe
This isn’t like any other detox or cleanse on the market. The 7 day detox is an holistic experience! This will be your sacred time for healing and cleansing, and should be seen as a time of regeneration and rejuvenation – it’s a fantastic FRESH start or a ReStart program. It comes with your detox recipes, daily meditation practice, detox yoga pose, daily spiritual practice and more! Now that you have the blueprint to begin creating a holistic lifestyle, you can start as many times as you like!

Mental Health & Hair Care Journal

By Jade Boddie
This journal is to help adults with establishing a healthy hair regimen while also tackling daily mental care needs. Learn how to embrace your natural curls and learn hair care tips to help the hair stay healthy.

Mental Health

Our health and wellness might focus on our bodies, but being fit and eating well only goes so far. Attention must be paid to our own mental state too. That can mean different things for different people, but we all can benefit from a renewed focus on our mental health.

Self-Love Workbook

By Dominee Calderon
The Self-Love Workbook is full of worksheets related to self-love and self-care.

Mind Your Mental Health

By Jocelyn Gavin-Lane
What lessons are learned when you go from a breakdown to a major breakthrough and experienced major mental growth as well? How do you move the conversation about Black women and mental health from the back rooms to the front porch? Twenty-one phenomenal women share vivid, empowering and emotional personal essays on how they faced various life challenges that significantly impacted their emotional health. They also share the lessons learned from dealing with those challenges and how they found inner healing and a greater sense of peace. Through an honest and engaging dialogue, these women are slaying common stigmas associated with mental health. How do you know when it’s time to seek help? How can you recover from depression, grief, anxiety, job stress, relationship woes and more? In Mind Your Mental Health, 21 women speak their truth, share nuggets of wisdom and discuss how they grew from their experiences through faith, family, friends, fitness, and therapy

Today…I Win: When Tests Go Beyond The Classroom

By Darryl W. Thomas, Jr.
School is easy. It’s life that’s the challenge. For Darryl W. Thomas Jr., school tests were simple, and exams a breeze. But even with academic success, the true tests for Darryl came from life. From a childhood wrought with hardship to physical and sexual abuse, drugs, poverty, and fatherlessness, his future looked bleak and the adversities impossible. In Today… I Win: When Tests Go Beyond the Classroom, Darryl shares his inspiring story of how he overcame the tests of life and succeeded. With practical, heartfelt advice for those suffering their own hardships, Darryl’s story will empower, motivate, and challenge you to put his principles to work and push past every adversity you face. Today… I Win: When Tests Go Beyond The Classroom will show you that academic success is simple – but it’s the tests of life that will make or break you.

Art & Photography

The art of the Black community has been illustrating history and defining culture for decades. Images and art resonate through the years to remind us where we’ve been and helps to depict how we move forward. Now more than ever, we need art.

The Modern Day Black Alphabet

By Arial Robinson
The Modern Day Black Alphabet is a photo book by Arial Robinson. This book started as a simple photo series to keep Arial occupied while being quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic but now has blossomed into a full book. This book was created to give black children a modern way to learn the alphabet. This book touches on below surface black experiences and gives black children a book, where they are actively represented.

What Makes That Black

By Luana
We all can name some of the Africanist aesthetic-structures that fuel African American and American art … Syncopation, Improvisation, Call and Response, Cool, Polyrhythm, or Innovation as an ambition– But there are many, many more. What Makes That Black? The African-American Aesthetic identifies and defines seventy-four elements of the aesthetic through text and illustration. Using the magnificent camerawork of R.J. Muna, Sharen Bradford, Jae Man Joo, Rachel Neville, James Barry Knox, and more– as they point their cameras at Alonzo King LINES Ballet, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, and jazz artists such as Cécile McLorin Salvant and Wynton Marsalis– a specific artistic consciousness or sensibility visually unfolds. Luana even joins the camera crew as she shoots Oakland Street Graffiti.

Too Much White Space

By Angelica Fields
Too Much White Space: Diversity in Graphic Design, is a community-based project that focuses on inspiring future black generations to become graphic designers.

Art Activism Workbook: Volume 1

By Aaron Maybin
Historically, artists have inspired the change makers of every era – Aaron Maybin is such an artist. Coming of age in a city that was preparing to erupt as he found himself as a man, as a father, and as an artist – his environment helped to help him figure out how to define himself. This is the true meaning of Art Activism and Art Activism: The Workbook- First he found his voice…then he discovered it was a journey others could take with him and still discover themselves. This collection of paintings, sketches, poems, essays, and music are the audio and visual toolbox to this era we are in now.

Fiction & Poetry

Stories from the Black community. Fiction and poetry, as it always has, become the voices that help us all relate to our shared history. Without these stories, we wouldn’t have the vital connections that we all crave.

Desert Sunflowers

By Cecilia McDonald
“Summer brings the promise of a love story.” Desert Sunflowers is a collection of short stories, poetry, and personal essays. Cecilia McDonald focuses on the themes of summer, and opens with deeply introspective language and imagery. This book calls readers to dive into the pool of nostalgia, feeling summer year round.

How Not to Save the World and How Not to Make Friends

By Jessica Yinka Thomas
Remi Austin is a fundraiser for the African Peace Collaborative (APC), a conflict resolution nonprofit founded by her late mother. Frustrated by her inability to raise funds and faced with the imminent closure of the APC, Remi turns to a life of crime to keep her nonprofit afloat. From Sydney, to Tokyo, Geneva and Cape Town, Remi transforms from a fundraiser too shy to speak during staff meetings into a daring international art thief who must stop a war from breaking out and figure out how to save herself from a life behind bars. With the help of her best friend, a designer and inventor who creates gadget-packed gowns, Remi eludes a dashing insurance agent and a terrifying stalker, all while redistributing the wealth of the world, one work of art at a time.

Odes to the Multiverse

By Tonya Moore
Punk scifi, space opera, horror & urban fantasy vignettes and short stories featuring cosmic tales of distant worlds and strange futures where earthbound horrors unfold. This omnibus invites you to marvel at the macabre and maleficent; and embrace the weird and wonderful.

Books for Teens

The Young Author genre is an explosive success for authors and readers. This collection from Black authors promises the stories of coming of age and unique worlds that mark the best in the YA genre.

Destined for Greatness

By Jaylen & Dillan Botts
Destined for Greatness is a 31-day devotional written by teenage brothers, Jaylen and Dillan Botts. This book is designed to empower teens to realize the greatness within them. When you know the great path before you, you won’t allow anything to stop you from pursuing it.

Inhale Deep

By Nikiea Redmond
Inhale Deep: A 3-day girl’s guide to loving herself 1st is a motivational girl’s journal filled with mindful practices, affirmations and self empowerment activities.

Rogue and Incognito

By Bonnie Synclaire
Teenage twins Harper and Joanna Cambridge don’t know Genesis: their family’s FBI project with a shameful past. In fact, they don’t know their family at all. They only have contact with their mother, who keeps them sheltered and isolated from the outside world. But when the twins’ mother disappears, Harper instantly knows that some things aren’t adding up. She then learns that she and her sister have been kept from the family business of espionage, and the two must uncover a lifetime of secrets to piece together their mother’s sudden vanishment. But finding their mother will come at a cost. And with Joanna’s health condition spiraling downward, the clock is ticking. With the help of a nameless ex-agent and a mysterious girl gone rogue, the twins vow to stop at nothing to protect each other and expose the truth. But their trust in one secretive new ally will teach the Cambridge twins their first lesson the hard way: trust no one.

Children’s Books

It’s never too early to start reading. And what our children read can ripple through the rest of their lives, from education to creativity. These children’s books from Black authors build self-worth and confidence of our next generation with beautifully created books. 

I Am Her

By Kalisa Sampson
“I Am Her: The ABC’s of Black Women in History,” is a book, that was creatively written, so that children can learn about black women pioneers in history. It is important that children gain as much knowledge about historical figures. The idea is that youth will be inspired by people who have broken many barriers to succeed in different careers. This book highlights women from the past and present, who have helped shape society by beating the odds.

Look What I Can Be

By Renee Harris
Join eSTeEM Girl on a journey to STEM world to explore fun careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. She empowers girls to study Math & Science. As she tries out STEM careers she gives them confidence that they can do it too! This book is stem-tastic, she teaches girls about new and unsuspecting careers that are indeed STEM. A 44-page full-color interactive children’s stem book which includes a periodic table, pizza slime experiment, coloring pages, and activities.

3 Princesses

By Alexandria Harris
An African American father of 3 internationally adopted daughters tells his girls their adoptions stories but as a fairytale filled with knights and dragons. This story of how a multicultural family came to be is heartwarming and enjoyable for the whole family.

More Resources

The best way to build a better world for everyone is to stay engaged and stay educated. To keep learning about systemic racism and how we can work together to dismantle it, and to keep the conversation going as we move forward, check out this list of books to add to your TBR. To further your support of Black entrepreneurs, consider these lists of Black-owned bookstores to shop from instead of clicking the links to That Other Online Bookstore.

As for our own books, we have always worked hard to find a balance between providing a platform for free speech while curtailing hate, but we know that we can and we must do better. In the coming weeks we will be exploring ways to expand our proactive measures to prevent hateful content from being published or sold on our platform and reinforcing the ability for users to report this content to us.

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