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Turning Your Blog Into Your ebook

One of the most frustrating truths of running a website is the ascendancy of new content. No matter how you lay out your website, more often than not, new content will take center stage. Relegating older content to the recesses of your website, only reappearing when someone happens upon it through an internet search. It’s sad to see such good material get buried. But there is hope! You can create a blog ebook to re-market your content!

Beyond the Blog

But the blog isn’t the end of content, by any means. To get more mileage out of their content, bloggers have turned their webpages into ebooks. By turning old content into new profit, they also give some pieces that might deserve another look the chance to get one. This tactic helps bloggers advance their brand and provide offline consumption of their writing. Not only that, but bloggers already have access to a targeted audience (their site visitors) which makes publishing an ebook that much more viable. Besides the ever-present Tumblr-books (think cats doing funny things), some successful books have started out as blogs, including the basis for the film Julie & Julia.

Ebooks also give a website the chance to showcase work around a specific theme or topic. If you run a cooking website, it might make sense to publish an ebook around Halloween that presents recipes for candy or other sweets. Or if you run a political website, an ebook that comes out highlighting your best writing about the upcoming election might also be a smart idea.

Enter the Blog Ebook

Ebooks push the pause button on the lighting fast internet and allow for reading to be more reflective and not reactive. Revisiting pieces before publishing them in an ebook, with updates of course, compels readers to get the eBook, and not just find the pieces on the blog itself. A blog ebook can also be a better way to engage contributors to the blog who will see their writing published across multiple mediums, instead of flaming out quickly on the front page.

Turning a blog into an ebook gives old material new life, helps disseminate your content farther, and gives it an even better chance of earning money. What does a blogger have to lose?

Ready to start you own blog ebook?

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