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May is here and for authors, publishers, and readers that means BEA and BookCon! The biggest event of the year for Americans in the book world, Team Lulu is excited to be joining everyone in New York City for BEA and BookCon 2019. To help get even more pumped up, we’re featuring two books that inspire and amazing authors who just happen to be joining us at Booth #1107 for authors signings!

Inspiration comes in a lot of different shapes and forms. Our first author for May uses humor to inspire his readers.

Ross Everett

A filmmaker and comedian from L.A., Ross’s book grew from his comedy routine. From his beginnings as a YouTuber and stand up comedian, Ross found he wanted to pursue something unique he could offer his audience. After his own personal experiences with personal development seminars, Ross developed his comedy show ‘Stop Stopping the Unstoppable.’

Part parody of self-help gurus and part realistic inspirational show, Ross found his fans repeatedly asking if he had a book they could buy. So he wrote one! Written from the perspective of his character, Dale Thorhammer, Ross’s book is part inspirational and part comedy.

On the heels of his own experiences with professional development seminars, Ross liked the content these experts shared but found the delivery method questionable. The seminar structure gave the feeling of a scam or a sales pitch. People would be quickly skeptical and turned off when they felt like they were being ‘sold’ methods to be successful.

So Ross came up with a different way to deliver valuable information.

It was only after I went to clown school in France that I realized the universal language of laughter and stupidity.

Following the same vein as his comedy show, Ross’s book is a parody of self-help books. To appease his fans’ call for a book, Ross wanted to create something more than just a printed version of his comedy script. The book takes the self-help genre a step further, parodying the many self-help books on the market with an immersive experience. Featuring footnotes and lesson plans, Stop Stopping the Unstoppable is part humor and part guide to being your best self.

Catch the full story about Ross and his book from our Facebook Live series:

Stop Stopping The Unstoppable: Becoming A You That’s Better Than You

A satirical take on your favorite self-improvement books. Meet Dale Thorhammer: a billionaire success coach to the personal-developmentally challenged as he guides you through his life-changing techniques to find what’s stopping you and then get you to stop doing that.

Stop Stopping The Unstoppable: Becoming A You That's Better Than You

Keep Up With Ross around the Web:

Lynette Greenfield

Next up joining us once again for BEA and BookCon is Lynette Greenfield. Establishing herself as both a prolific author with 16 titles to her name and as a burgeoning publisher, Lynette’s newest release is a collection of short fiction. A book inspired by her characters from past works and her own experiences, Scripturient is a meditation on character and perspective.

The term ‘scripturient’ is an uncommon term that means ‘an overwhelming desire to write.’ In the context of her story, Lynette frames writing as creation in all its forms. Bringing a fresh meaning to a unique term that frames all of her short stories as works of introspection and personal growth.

With nearly 30 years of experience writing, Lynette is one of the hardest working independent authors the Lulu team has ever met. A mother of four and owner of Limelight Publishing, she still finds time to write. By adhering to four keys to keep writing, Lynette is able to keep her projects on track despite all the different challenges life presents. Her four keys are:

  1. Write the Ending First
  2. Pick a Cover Image Early
  3. Write Every Day
  4. Set and Announce a Release Date

A gifted prose and poetry writer, one of the most striking elements of Lynette’s book remains her cover images. Because she selects the imagery relatively early in her creation process, Lynette has the cover design to help inspire and direct her story.

I steer away from traditional classic covers because… well, I suppose, because I can.

Making the absolute most out of the freedom self-publishing offers, Lynette’s catalog of books is a perfect example of a driven creator who makes her books, her way. Now as a publisher, Lynette is not only creating amazing stories; she’s helping others tell their own stories.

Get even more about Lynette, her writing process, and how she chooses her amazing book cover from our Facebook Live video:


This collection of short stories by novelist and poet, author, Lynette Greenfield, features emotionally driven reflections of specific trials in the author’s life. Fantasy plays an important role in this book as it aids in the ability to relive some of the events in her life. Stories that are veracious, consciously sincere, and inspiring.


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