Brighton Festival Everyday Epic Short Story Anthology

We are delighted to announce the publication of the Brighton Festival and Nabokov theatre Everyday Epic Short Story Anthology which published today.

Over the month of May 2017 people from diverse walks of life came together to form the Storytelling Army. Throughout the Brighton Festival, the army told their individual, and sometimes very painful, stories across Brighton. The Anthology brings together all those stories into one book. Combined with these stories are four short stories from the lucky winners of the Everyday Epic Writing competition which we ran in conjunction with the Storytelling Army. 

This was an amazing project and the first of its kind worldwide. You can read these amazing tales of how everyday people handled or overcame their own ‘everyday epic’.

Everyday Epic Anthology of Short Stories

Everyday Epic is an anthology of stories celebrating the Storytelling Army, a project that took place as part of Brighton Festival 2017. Brighton Festival and theatre company nabokov created this army of storytellers by working with a collective of people from different walks of life, who each explored Brighton Festival Guest Director Kate Tempest’s theme of Everyday Epic. Many of the works published in this anthology were first shared via pop-up performances that took place throughout Brighton as part of the May 2017 Festival. The remaining four stories are from members of the Sussex-wide public who won the Everyday Epic story writing competition run by which was run in conjunction with Brighton Festival.

Everyday Epic Anthology of Short Stories
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