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What The Hell is a Lulu Print API?!

Lulu announces the release of the Lulu Print API, a business-to-business service allowing users to use Lulu’s global print-on-demand network.

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Book Printing Simplified: Lulu Print API

The Lulu Print API is the first step toward an open, accessible print-on-demand service that is versatile enough for any publishing need

2017 Lulu EGames at NC State University

Lulu and NC State are back again to celebrate the annual eGames competition for new entrepreneurs and inventors to showcase their work.

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We Are Orlando: Stories Lost

In the aftermath of a tragedy, Lulu employees consider the stories lost and look for ways to ensure you and your stories can still be told.

Printing The Human Code

Riccardo Sabatini takes on the ambitious task of transcribing the entire human genome! And Lulu went ahead and made a book for him!

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Future Authors Tour Lulu

Lulu hosted a group of future authors interested in writing and publishing to give them a history of self-publishing and answer their questions.

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