Celebrate Black History Month with Lulu

February is Black History Month! The cultural contributions from authors of color is vital growing diversity. So today we have three Lulu authors of color to highlight, with their culturally important books. While celebrating Black History Month, consider reading from one of the many black authors working today or previously published.

Many African Americans use Lulu to celebrate their culture through a variety of forms. Including art, personal accounts, cookbooks, poetry, music and more. Here are just a few examples of popular Lulu creations made by African American authors:

NERVOUS BREAKDOWNS: The Art of LeSean Thomas Vol.1

From the Creative Producer (S1) & Supervising Director (S1 & 2) of “Black Dynamite: The Animated Series” & the Co-Director (S1) & Character Designer (S1 &2) of Aaron McGruder’s “The Boondocks: The Animated series” on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, comes the unique, hip hop-driven vision of one of today’s most dynamic and prolific new animators/artists, LeSean Thomas. Forward by Daytime Emmy Award Winning Producer/Art Director Jeff Matsuda ( “The Batman”, and “Jackie Chan Adventures”)

NERVOUS BREAKDOWNS: The Art of LeSean Thomas Vol.1

LeSean Thomas created a compilation of his animated artwork highlighting hip-hop-inspired characters. Some have even been featured on “The Boondocks” on Cartoon Network. And Producer Jeff Matsuda recognizes Thomas’ work as some of the most dynamic, unique and prolific hip-hop driven visions of today. Thomas’s work is a wonderful inspiration for Black History Month reading.

Soumas Heritage Creole Cookbook

Soumas Heritage Creole Cookbook is brimming with “mouthwatering-never” seen titled recipes in Louisiana Creoles of Color cooking. This heartwarming family folklore is flavored with generational stories, spiced with humor and a little Creole `patois’ to tempt your palate!- Recipes such as “African Rhythm Drumettes”, “Who-Do-You-Wanna-Voodoo-Dip”, “Mulatto Meat Pies”…just to name a few! – Panderina shares interesting historical facts about her ancestors and their unclaimed famed to Louisiana culinary cuisine.

Soumas Heritage Creole Cookbook

The Soumas Heritage Creole Cookbook by Panderina Soumas offers a how-to for several tantalizing treats. With recipes like “African Rhythm Drumettes” and “Who-Do-You-Wanna-Voodoo-Dip,” the Soumas Heritage Creole Cookbook celebrates culture through delicious family dishes.

The Hip-Hop Education Guidebook Volume 1

How can we utilize the energy and creativity of Hip-Hop music and culture to make schools and classrooms more engaging? The H2Ed Guidebook provides answers. The H2Ed Guidebook addresses the tenets of a critical Hip-Hop pedagogy, framing the issues of concern and strength within Hip-Hop culture by providing in-depth analysis from parents, teachers and scholars. And most importantly, the H2Ed Guidebook offers an array of innovative, interdisciplinary standards-referenced lessons written by teachers for teachers.

The Hip-Hop Education Guidebook Volume 1

The Hip-Hop Education Guidebook by Marcella Runell and Martha Diaz teaches how to harness the energy of hip-hop music and introduce it to the classroom. A staple for Black History Month and beyond, the Guidebook is a call to action. Because teaching is often a subversive art, sharing many parallels with hip-hop music. The Guidebook is currently used in many schools throughout New York.

Black History Month Every Month

One final way you can commemorate Black History Month is to write your own chapter of history. Lulu has all the tools you need to share your story with others and add to your already-rich traditions. Create a living history of your own experiences while paying tribute to great African American leaders of the past and present.

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    i have Lesean’s book, and it’s the bomb!
    i’ll check those others out!

  2. “Black Voodoo Economics would be an ideal volume to help celebrate “Black History Month.” It contains successful strategies for wealth accumulation that is instructive for all of society.
    Harvey L. Cooper, JD, CPM

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