Live Chat Is Back

This Article Originally Published 2/25/2010 And Was Updated 12/26/2018 To Reflect Our Current Live Chat Functions

You asked for it, and we listened. Our live chat support is available on the site. We’ve spent the past several months finding a solution that not only responds to your inquiries quickly, but gives you the answers you need.

Beginning today, you’ll find a live chat box on the lower right side of our Wizard and Cart pages.

Lulu's Live Chat Window

Currently, we offer live chat support in English from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. East Coast time Monday through Friday. This ensures that we will cover the period when we see the heaviest volume of support inquiries.

Above all, we want to make sure you succeed. We truly believe that your content matters and that you deserve to reach the world. We want to do all that we can to help. Chat support is one part of our effort. We’re working on other features that will help you publish better and faster and reach more readers, so stay tuned!

We’re excited to offer this new chat feature, and we’re hoping you are to. We’re eager to hear your feedback, so let us know what you think.

22 thoughts on “Live Chat Is Back”

    1. Hi Norbert,
      You can find live chat available in the book creation wizard and the shopping cart!


    Hi lulu, my name is, Justina Obasi Okore, I wrote to you yesterday, please what is holding the delivery of the 15 copies of my books I ordered?
    I published some books and ordered as well, but the last order of my book titled, “”God’s purpose for marriage””, hasn’t reach my address, and it’s been one month my account and orders says it’s been shipped,
    Since on 30th of May till today 2nd of July, i haven’t receive it. please help me track the books, I need to know what is the reason why it is delayed.

    1. Hi Justina,

      Sorry to hear the books didn’t arrive. Our support team will look into this and get back to you through your email case.

  2. I attempted twice to purchase a book. Both times my payment method failed stating incorrect information. My information was correct. Please advise


  4. Shayn,
    I am very sorry you’ve had difficulty. Can you give me a summary of the issue here and the case number you were given? I will try to get you some answers ASAP.

  5. Shayn Anderson

    I have tried unsuccessfully for the past three days to resolve an issue through the “live chat” feature. I have found the operators to be very rude and not helpful. They say they are escalating the issue and someone will get back to me and they never do. I have sent follow up e-mails that go unreturned as well.
    I have been a loyal and satisfied customer for many years, but this latest experience has been a nightmare.

  6. PS, sorry the order number was 6219109. Mae. Isn’t cupon suppose to be placed with the order? If I can get the books guaranteeded to be refunded I don’t mind ordering them. Let me know what the limit is. Thank you.

  7. Nick,I left a comment on the book offer page, but since hopefully there is time to ge an answer here today, then my question about the free book offer is this: Is there a limit to how many we can publish with lulu’s or revise, and get a free book? And it’s ok with the lulu isbn-added books too right: Don’t mind paying all the shipping. I already did one, but still haven’t got the cupon for it. I know you posted once that each book has to be a separate order, which is ok. Let me know. Mae

  8. Helene,
    Unfortunately we do not offer free samples. However, if you publish your book before 3/16, then we will send you a coupon for a free copy of your book.

  9. I would like to know if it’s possible to obtain a few sample books from Lulu or from people who have published with Lulu. I am about to publish a first book of my mother’s poetry and it would be helpful if i could see some of the books in person so i could see what format is best! thanks.

  10. Kevin,
    It’s not affecting everyone, so the more information I have, then the easier it will be to try to figure out what’s causing it for you.

  11. Not sure why it makes a difference what browser I am using when one day I can access the new forums and the next I cannot. Tis not me who has changed anything!

  12. Curtis,
    You’re welcome! It’s always great to hear that kind of support!
    Is this still happening for you? What browser are you using?

  13. Hello Nick. I so far see nothing in the top right hand corner, in fact the forums have vanished again. Well ok, the page is there but it has no content. Sigh.

  14. Simply to the point, in regards to you bringing back the chat support… humbly I say, YYYYEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  15. That’s fabulous. I’m sure a lot of people will be so happy with this news. It’s one of the things that makes Lulu the best. Thanks:-)

  16. I need to know if you give retail stores any kind of discount. I am trying to supply pricing. How can I contact someone at lulu. I have tried using the blog but no one at lulu has ever contacted me. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
    Tesha Mulkey

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