Coloring With Chakras: Does Your Mood Affect The Colors You Choose?

Coloring with Chakras: Does Your Mood Affect the Colors You Choose?

It seems adult coloring books are everywhere this year!  Did you know that 10 out of 20 books on the bestseller list are currently coloring books? Who would have thought we could find such bliss in such a simple, yet unique form of expression?

Due to coloring’s health and happiness benefits, it’s no surprise the trend is taking over. 

Now that we know the act of coloring has capabilities to reduce stress, let’s take a  deeper look. The field, color psychology, is devoted to analyzing the emotional and behavioral effects produced by colors and color combinations. So, how does each color make you feel? Do you connect with certain colors?

Yoga and meditation enthusiasts are probably already familiar with Chakras.  And for those who aren’t, the study of chakras traces back to ancient Hindu studies. Chakras are associated with the seven centers of the human body. Each center relates to the general function or characteristics of the center.

7 Chakra-Social

The choice of color is a reflection of our emotions, and possibly the language expressed in adult coloring.  Do you emotionally connect with certain colors?  Most adults may not realize the subconscious connection between emotion and color.  The act of coloring provides a mirror of our emotions.  Try it; pick up an adult coloring book today and connect the colors of your world.

Entwined: A Coloring Book to Help You Unwind and Relax

The artwork in this book was inspired by vintage lace and hand-painted Turkish tiles. I recommend coloring these pages with high quality colored pencils because that’s what feels best in my hand. But you certainly have the freedom to use whatever medium feels right to you: Prismacolors, Copic markers, brush tip markers, 6 inch crayons, pancake syrup…

Entwined- A Coloring Book to Help You Unwind and Relax

Chakras: Coloring and Activity Workbook

An educational coloring and activity workbook for kids to be introduced to the energy centers, or chakras on our body.
This book focuses on the colors, seed sound symbols, element tattvas or shapes, location on the body, and the name associated with each chakra.

Chakras: Coloring and Activity Workbook

Color is a universal language – it is simple and at the same time very profound.

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