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Does Publishing More Books Result in More Sales?

There is another secret to selling lots of books: writing lots of books. We asked our best-selling authors about how many books they had written. Do they agree that publishing more books works? Here’s what they said:

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Publishing more books works

Nine out of ten best-selling authors have published more than one book. More than half have published ten or more books.

Writing lots of books in one niche has many benefits. For starters, you don’t have to relearn your audience. If you write non-fiction, you’ll also be able to re-use a lot of the research you did for previous books, incorporating new findings and comments into work. Lastly, having multiple books displays a level of subject matter expertise.

Remember too that every book you publish is an individual revenue driver. And if you’ve cultivated a solid group of fans, each book will sell to them and build on your word of mouth. Publishing more books means more items to sell, and over time that will absolutely add up. Think about it. If you capture a new reader with your fifth book and they like what they read, what are the chances they’ll buy another book? Or all four of those previous titles?

Action Item:

If you only have one book, map out how you can expand your catalog to meet your audience’s needs.

Key Takeaway

51% of best-selling authors have written 10 or more books.

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